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I may have saved a sibe

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  • I may have saved a sibe

    I May have saved my neighbor’s dogs life (I hope).

    Yesterday, my husband and I where going to go to a re-build of my church, he is the wielding overseer and we must be there at 7am, so we are leaving at 6:30. As we go out our door we see Charger our neighbors Siberian on the front of their porch. He is an escape artist (that is how my neighbors got him from the pound) anyway; He is just lying there not moving at all. I check his pulse (very weak) check his capillary refill (very white gums) he felt cold, I looked at his eyes (they were doing a rapid back and forth movement I hope someone can tell me what that means.

    I tell my DH to call his owner (I knew they where out of town, they where staying at his FIL about 45 min away) he gets a hold of him, my DH says “charger is listless and non-responsive we do not know if he got hit or what” they say that they will be there in an hour.

    My DH has to leave so I stay with the poor dog; I decide to get a blanket (A blankie on a sib, that was a first). I preceded to palpate the dog, to determine if it has been hit, in the process I discovered bloody diarrhea on his rear. I look around and find more on the ground; I was thinking could it be parvo or poisoning (knowing he came from they shelter 3 weeks ago). I called my emergency vet and she said to keep him warm tell they get here(they did not have a vet I guess I chose won for them) .I start messaging his legs to get some blood flowing and he started to perk up a bit.

    Finally his people get here and grab him up I tell them where to go, the vet is expecting you. They thank me, she is crying, I am crying ,it is a mess, I told them just “GO” .

    A few hours later they call me and say, the vet expects rat poison (I guess he got into that when he was out?)And he has internal bleeding, his core temp was VERY low and if I had not been their he would have died (the parents where not going to come back for a few hours later)..

    Today I found a Thank you card on my screen, they are soooo grateful today he is stable but he has blood in his lungs ,it still might turn out bad ,but I am hoping for the best.

    Thanks for listening.

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    regardless of the outcome, you did a good thing. hope it all turns out well.
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      Awesome job, glad you were there! And even if it doesn't go well, at least you did all you could. I will be thinking of Charger!


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        Good job! hope it all comes out well, if not at least someone was there to take care of Charger, he will never forget the kindness.
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          Thanks guys

          I think he his still doing OK at least he is still stable. I love northern breeds so this felt pretty good .I love this forum!!!!!!


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            I hope he recovers, that is extremely serious, but with treatment there is a good chance he'll pull through.

            We had a boarding dog that ate rat poison 5 days before he boarded with us. He had gotten off his tether, ran around the neighborhood for 8 hours and came home. There were no symptoms (bleeding) until 2 days after he was boarding with us. We rushed him to vet at midnight, unfortunately he didn't make it. The owner was just grateful we were there with him when he passed (she was in the hospital).

            But on a good note: A dachsie I bred, that lived with a family in town, ingested a mouse that had eaten rat poison while the family was on vacation. 5 days after they returned home they called me telling me of his odd symptoms and I told them to get him to the vet immediately. Luckily it was in time and the dog made a full recovery with no side effects.

            I pray this happens to Charger.

            You did a wonderful thing by being so observant.


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              Fantastic, luckily you were in the right place at the right time.


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                How kind of you!!

                Your neighbors are very lucky to have you!!!!


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                  Good job mal!!!!!! Somehow, I keep missing threads.
                  These dang Sibes wait too long before they indicate there is a serious problem. I believe he was every bit as sick as you say. A wonder (if,....hopefully) he is still alive, all thanks to you.
                  If you ever relocate....please move next-door to me.

                  Keep us posted.
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                    so far

                    Charger is still weak but the doc says he will make it, he still has some blood in his lungs so we are hoping everything is going to be OK.

                    Yes 4sibes I would like to live next to you, of course if I ever get another Malamute they could all have howling contests (LOL).


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                      Originally posted by 4Sibes View Post
                      If you ever relocate....please move next-door to me.
                      Pay up or I'm telling Chicken Debbie.
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                        Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
                        Pay up or I'm telling Chicken Debbie.
                        LOL I bet that poor woman has NO IDEA how often she is mentioned on this board...I bet she's never even heard of this board. Hmmmmm maybe she belongs to a Fancy Chicken message board and talks about her Crazy Dog Lady neighbor (that would be sibes) on it all the

                        Great catch maladee! I hope that Charger continues to improve and that his owners figure out how to "sibe proof" their yard so he can't escape anymore.

                        One of my clients has a Boykin Spaniel that ate a poisoned rat about 5 or 6 years ago. J.C came through it okay, but for years afterwards his coat was brittle and sparse and he stayed really thin and he still has a very sensitive tummy and is on a strict diet. It has just been here lately that he has been able to put on weight and his coat is actually regaining it's former quality. He never acted sick though except for right after it happened and he was on deaths doorstep.
                        SheilaB from SC