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If you really love you dog like your children?!

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  • If you really love you dog like your children?!

    It amazes me when people let their dog go 6 months + for a grooming and are in no my ashamed that their dog looks like it's homeless. They smell foul , can't see a lick and are hideous; yet they are out there walking them like they are out on parade without a second thought(of course it seems it's always a really nice gated community). You wouldn't let your kids out and about looking like vagabonds without thier hair at least combed, smelling like pee and wearing torn dirty clothes!

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    That's a bit of a stretch perhaps...I don't have children and consider my dogs my kids. I also have several people that will also vouch for my sanity. Haha!
    There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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      NOBODY has the right to make value judgements on another person's emotions or affections - period.


      Weird. I guess Oz is heading off a few catfights cuz the post I responded to is gone. So Ill just say....nothing.
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        I was kinda of thinking the same thing this morning. The last 3 dogs that I've done have been heavily matted and all but one was in stinky condition. I was thinking that if they were their kids they were be turned in for child abuse. I know that people love their dogs I just wish they would realize that they need attention before they get to that state. And I guess I'm a nut cause I do love my dogs. I love my daughter more than anything but my dogs are right up there maybe a step behind, lol.


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          I loved my dogs like my children until I had children...then I loved my children more. I kept my kids clean and pretty and I like my dogs to be clean and pretty. Unfortunately, for some people, a dog isn't a living sentient being. It's an accessorie.
          "The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable possession of mankind"-Theodorus Gaza


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            What I love is....

            when people that have gone for 6+ months without getting their dog groomed then say " I just love her, she sleeps in the bed with me every night!" and the dog has a fist-sized fecal mat.
            That Tenacious Terrier!


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              Originally posted by Canopener Sally View Post
              when people that have gone for 6+ months without getting their dog groomed then say " I just love her, she sleeps in the bed with me every night!" and the dog has a fist-sized fecal mat.
              You forgot the maggots falling off! I actually had one person like that" She can't have maggots! She sleeps with me!" gag,
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                I agree- I am amazed when the dogs are hideous (smelling not looking, even if you can't afford a grooming, water is relatively inexpensive). I also LOVE when the clients say "I was gone last week and hubby didn't brush her" and the dog is matted to the skin...yea, that happened in 1 week.


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                  I love my children more than my dogs, shouldn't everyone?? Is this OK to post since my last one was gotten rid of? Which I only gave an opinion?? Free speech was put in the constitution to protect offensive speech not polite speech which we would not need to protect. What happened to america and its free speech?! And yes it is sick if you love your dogs more than a child.


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                    Snow. The ultimate mat-maker around here. Owners weep with relief when we get an inch here because they know they have an excuse for the next 4 weeks about how all the twisties and tangles "suddenly" appeared overnight. "It was the snow".

                    Sometimes when the same client comes back in July, dog in same condition, stumbling over some excuse...I let them off the hook by saying..."I know, I know...that darn snow".

                    Can't really comment on the dogs-kids thing...cuz I'm pretty sure if I had kids...they would be the vagabond-looking ones of which you speak...but I'd love 'em anyway, and we'd all love the dogs.
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