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How Many New Customers???

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  • How Many New Customers???

    I was looking at my customer list today, I was just wondering approximately how many new customers do you get in a month?

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    It really depends. Sometimes a bunch, sometimes few. This week my phone has been ringing like crazy. I think the economy is looking up.


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      I am just about to enter my 3rd year open and my new clients do vary greatly, but just this week alone, I've had about 7 newbies and I have 3 or 4 on the books for next week so far. It'd be real hard to give an actual average figure without counting them all up.


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        On a good month I can have at least 30 new clients. My new client count dropped off the radar pretty much for a long while but this month has been not only busy but we've had quite a few new clients also.
        I think it depends on how much advertising you do and how motivated you are to get new clients in your door.
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          I get about 2-3 a week.


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            got me thinking...

            I would say we get 25-30 a month... ish...

            I constantly get told, so and so highly recommended you guys. Or, we've heard great things about this place...

            There are three of us, and my semi-retired mother in law who doesn't take on any new customers and only works two days a week.

            So if the average dog comes every 3 months... we each need about 400 clients on file (give or take) to stay full. I had over 1000 clients on file after my first year of being open, and we must have gotten 4 or 5 hundred new ones last year... So you'd think that we shouldn't be able to take new clients by now... yet we are only booking a couple days ahead (January, slow time). We are told constantly how wonderful we are...

            So what happened to that 300+ clients?

            I think I will go through the file boxes and see who hasn't come back for a while...


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              January was my 5th month open. so far I have gotten 32. ( I was actually looking this up yesterday) I have a total of 143 client files divide that by 5 and its 28 or so a month.