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Looking for a good standard poodle breeder

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  • Looking for a good standard poodle breeder

    My daughter's Standard Poodle, Serj died suddenly from VWD (he was only 3 yrs old) and we would like to start looking for another one.

    There is no hurry, but we are looking.

    We would prefer a male, good pet quality under 4 month old puppy.
    This dog will be neutered, and will live a very active life.
    Color doesn't matter.
    Temperament must be well socialized and mild, as he will be living with a Cairn, Dachsaund and Min Pin.
    Auria would like to go through obediance and Therapy dog training with him.
    Will pay to have genetic testing done. We want a healthy dog.
    I'm willing to pay the going rate, I don't want a bargain. Am willing to travel to see the dog and pick him up.

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    I have a Mattisse Standard and he is lovely


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      I do not know if they are still breeding or not, the founder passed away a few years back and the son took over I have groomed many of these poodle over the years throughout the state of Michigan and a few to date... here is the contact info I have found

      also a video of some of there satisfied clients poodles.
      good luck


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        Refinne is awesome also. She is in Litchfield, MN. You can google Refinne poodles. I have 2 dogs from her and getting a third this fall. Beauty, brains, health and temperament are all there. She does all health screening.


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          I second the Refinne standards. I love every one of them I meet! Really beautiful, good head on their shoulders.


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   .. If I were to ever get another standard from a breeder... this would be my first choice.


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              I am no Breeder

              But my female red websters poodle (poodlemom) is due feb 3rd This is our first litter she is bred to astorias davinci from divine poodles website He is a retired champion beautiful with an awesome personality , My girl is beautiful she has all genetic testing she is a dock jumper and is very athletic , Her pups should be athletic and beautiful i am guessing they will be white , they will be raised with 7 siblings 4 small dogs 3 large and 5 cats so they will be social with other dogs
              They will be raised in my house but weather permitting they will be running on our 5 acres , I havent even really thought about selling them i am keeping a female look up dads pic i can send more of denali can check on ofa website websters limited edition denali


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                I haven't had firsthand experience with Refinne, but know plenty who do and they're fabulous. My girl has lots of Refinne lines in her. Their website is

                Otherwise I got my girl from Ali-Ann Standard Poodles in Moorhead, MN. Shows, health tests, and some of her dogs' puppies compete in obedience, rally, and agility. Her website is If you want her email to contact her directly PM me.