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  • Tuck up!!??!!

    Does anyone know of a website, dvd or anything that someone is demonstrating how to place the tuck up right??? Thanks in advance.

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    Normally the tuck up is located under the last rib, unless you are trying to move it to make a dog look longer or shorter. Does that help at all?
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      Don't have an answer for you, but it would depend on the breed and the individual dog. You can make a long bodied dog look shorter with the right placement for that particular dog.
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        Chris talks about it in depth on the POodle DVD she has through LesPoochs...if you are talking about a poodle that is the best reference I have to offer.
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          I agree it depends on what you are trying to hide or show---but anyway, I learned it from Jodi Murphy's Schnauzer DVD---it has stuck with me ever since. I still struggle with it, but before I just thought the tuck up was the flap of skin itself, I never knew I was "moving" a tuck up around, lol. She demo's it on pretty much every DVD of each breed, and shows what moving the tuck up too far back does---it makes the dog look like a dachshund!

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