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Mini Poodle vs F1B Mini GoldenDoodles

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  • Mini Poodle vs F1B Mini GoldenDoodles

    So I've been reading every thread I can get my hands on about the Goldendoodles as I'm considering getting a mini F1B GoldenDoodle (~30lb). I'm trying to understand the difference between the coats of the (F1B) doodle vs the poodle.

    Are the doodles even worse to groom than your average poodle? Does the presence of the Golden Retreiver in them make their coats a lot worse than your average poodle to groom? Or are they just worse because Doodle owners are so clueless as to the proper daily coat maintenance most (good) poodle owners do as a given? (And this ignorance generates a lot of doodles with tons of matting and over grown coats)

    I'm a long time lover of Poodles and I am completely used to the grooming needs of the poodle. e.g. Daily brushings to keep matt free, proper washing of coat and the need to shave them down now and then. So to me none of these things is a real problem, I'm also not crazy enough to get a giant 60lb doodle (or poodle for that matter) as I'm realistic in how much grooming time I have.

    Comments on F1Bs would be preferred as I'm not really considering an F1.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    You might want to try the doodle forums. Here's one you can try.
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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      You will get a better and more easily maintained coat on a doodle x doodle, the first crosses and the doodles to purebred crosses can have nightmare coats to deal with. If i was going to get one (never gonna I would get an F2. I now they say non-shedding but all it means is the hair doesnt fall on the ground, all dogs shed, they just shed into their coats and become matted, matting is the dead hair that hasnt been brushed/combed out.