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Cigarette smoke in maltese coat

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  • Cigarette smoke in maltese coat

    I just have to vent. We do this cute little maltese in long coat. She is the sweetest darling, but her mommies are chain smokers. Every time her pretty coat is tarnished with ugly yellow stains from the nicotine in the house and she has so much residual smoke in her coat that I can barely touch her until after she's bathed or risk triggering my allergies. I just cut her toenails before her bath today and I was wheezing by the end of the first paw. By the end of the second paw I was coughing and told Maggie she'd have to finish her nails. If I can't breathe after being around her for less than a minute, what must her poor little lungs look like? I've mentioned it to the owners and they said they don't smoke around her (yeah, riiiiiight). Between that and the perfume they insist on squirting on her to make her smell better (??!) it's a wonder she's not learned how to work the water faucet herself. Anyways, that's my rant. Thanks for listening.

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    Even if they don't smoke around her but smoke in the house it is just as dangerous. All that **** settles to the carpet and the dogs pick up it there.


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      yuk. I have a couple of dogs from smokers' homes too - it's pretty gross even when you're not allergic....add perfume on top of that and yyyyuuuuuukkkkkk.


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        I know just what you are going through!

        I have clients with a great mini-aussie. He smells like a walking humidor. One of them must chain smoke a pipe or something! Anyway, the first time I groomed him I was determined to get that smell out! I used the best smelling shampoo I had and went to town. It worked! I was sooo proud of myself. But you know what? The next time the clients brought the dog in they said they loved my work but to use a shampoo that wasn't so strong smelling- she said after last time she couldn't hug her dog for three days because he smelled so bad! *sigh* That was three years ago. Now I just grin and bear it. I almost had to turn them away when I was pregnant due to the smell.


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          I do one like this and to top it off the dog stinks of patchouli on top of the smoke.

          Davis Triclosan works well on smoking dogs but I dont use it anymore because of the chemical ingredients. I found that their melaleuca tea tree shampoo really gets the stink out.