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  • Keeping black coats black...

    I have 4 black dogs. Was not planned, it just happened. They spend a lot of time outdoors and in our kiddie pools. I also bathe them roughly once every 5-6 weeks. They live at my salon. So my problem is how do I keep the coat from turning red? My standard poodle is the worst! But when I clip her, it is beautiful and black. Same with my giant schnauzers! I have tried every "black coat" shampoo I can find and I even have tried sunscreen with little to no results. I feed natural balance with a lot of raw meat (venison) and veggies. Any suggestions?

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    I'll betcha the chlorine in the pool acts as a bleaching agent.
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      Keep their coats from being exposed to a lot of sunlight.

      Like it or lump it, that is the ultimate solution to the problem. If you don't keep them out of the sun, you'll have rusty coats.


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        try chris christensen black on black, its pricey but i use it in the summer on my rottie and it does help keep the reddish tones to a minimum. Finding a good doggie sunblock will help too.