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My greatest accomplishment this month!

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  • My greatest accomplishment this month!

    So I have a new client come in today with 2 "schnoodles." She walks in with the scriffiest poodle mixes I have ever seen! I would guess poodle/shih tzu mix and I'll bet the parents never even met a schnauzer!!! She proceded to say that her last groomer just couldn't clip them right and that she was giving me a try. Okaaaay. So, here were her requests:

    1. I want the body to look shaggy, but 1/2 the length.
    2. I want the legs square, not tight. (?)
    3. I like the look of your poodles head, but I don't want their heads to look smooth. (??)
    4. I want this one's face to look like a schnauzer, but with the head longer and no eyebrows.
    5. I want this one's head to look like a scruffy teddy bear.
    6. I really don't like the looks of poodles or schnauzers, so don't make them look like either (Sorry, I own 2 giant schnauzers and a standard poodle who stay in my salon with me!)

    and with that, she looked at me expectantly. I did tell her that if I were to clip her dogs, they would not leave here uneven. If I clipper or scissor a dog, he will look smooth and even. That's what is supposed to happen when you shorten the coat. I was confused by "square legs" but assumed she meant longer on the legs. ANYWHOO, I ended up doing a modified german on both and leaving the ears natural. AND SHE LOVED IT! After she paid for the grooms and left a tip, she said, "And people tell me I don't explain things well. But you understand me!"

    God help me!!!

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    That's funny! I hope you wrote down everything you did so you can reproduce it! Then again, she may be the type that will change her requests every time they come.....good luck with that


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      Ur a genius!? lol sorry but we all have to have one of those, tag you're it! Gave me good laugh, the horror of doing whay she wants when you have no idea what the h$ll shes saying.
      ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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        LOL, you must speak schmuzish! (from my son's fave show The Upside Down Show on Nick Jr.)
        What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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          Didn't get a picture of them square legs???
          "In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."


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            That is really funny!


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              You should get an award for those dogs,,,lol,,,,I hearby present you with the Golden Scissor Award,,,,,hehehehe


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                You must be a freakin' rocket scientist. How'd you get a german out of all of that? WOW


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                  I have 3 'schnoodles' mutts I've ever had!!! Toby the oldest at 2 has a beautiful coat but cotton legs...curly but he is muscular and squareish, with wonderful eyes...I love changing the way he looks...depending on my mood he leans toward the poodle side..and sometimes the schnauzer side with no eyebrows (he cant grow them!!!!)))) would look fabulous in a bedlington cut but dont have the guts yet!....Cooper is a 14 week old schnoodle...definately looks like a schnauzer...couldn't wait to clip him down tight...he's hair is soft with a wire streak down his back and shaggy legs...looks like something the cats dragged in....heheheh and our newest Kiwi.....9 weeks old, brindle with lots of volume not sure what she looks like but is a ton of fun!!!! I guess my point is....I can make them look like anything I want depending on my mood....and I wouldn't even begin to explain to anyone why they look like they do!!!!!


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                    Originally posted by LJRSnowcat View Post
                    You must be a freakin' rocket scientist. How'd you get a german out of all of that? WOW
                    alabamagroomer is from Alabama, which is KNOWN for its rocket scientists. Not everyone in Alabama drives a beat up pickup truck with four hound dogs, lives in a double wide trailer, and is married to a close relation. :-)

                    My husband, whose family tree goes back six generations in Alabama, went to a amateur radio convention in Huntsville, home of the Marshall Space Flight Center and the Redstone Arsenal. The convention was held at the Von Braun Center (yes, after Werner Von Braun, the rocket scientist) He got a laugh out of seeing a guy wearing a shirt that said "As a matter of fact, I AM a rocket scientist!"

                    So alabamagroomer comes from a state with people smart enough to be rocket scientists!
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