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  • No Internet For A Week

    I'm going on a wonderful vacation at the Circle Z in Panatgonia Arizona. I'm leaving tomorrow and will be back a week from Sunday. The ranch has no internet service.You have to drive to town and go to the library. lol Maybe it's good thing. I'll remember what life was like before computers. (BORING)

    I'm sure you all don't know this about me but I'm a closet horse fanatic. Been that way since I was a little girl. Anyhoo, five years ago I went to a guest ranch in Colorado all by myself and signed up for a Women's Week. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I met a bunch of amazing women and we still meet up. Once a year we pick and travel to ranches all over the country. I've been to five ranches in five years. It's an amazing experience every time. Needless to say we carry on like we're back in high school. Half the time I'm laughing so hard I'm peeing in my pants! I love these ladies!

    In June I went to a ranch called Paradise in Buffalo Wyoming. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I never rode a horse so long or so fast in my life. What a thrill! I promised my seventy year old mother I wouldn't go any faster then a trot. lol Old wet noze loves to ride fast horses!

    Here's a picture from two years ago. Is that not amazing! We trailored the horses to Panatgonia National Park and spent the day there riding. I'm the cute one in the middle. lol Anyway, I'll miss you all. Hold up the fort when I'm gone. If I make it to the library I'll check in.
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    That sounds WONDERFUL! I have had to stay away from horses since the last two times I got on them I got pregnant, LOL, but now that hubby is fixed I can ride again! Just too expensive now with the little ones. I used to ride and compete in small shows. It was so much fun! I haven't ridden western in years though and those trail rides they offer never let you do more than a trot which stinks. Let me go at a full gallop and I'm in heaven! Nothing better!
    Have fun, be safe, and we'll miss you!
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      One of my dreams!!!

      Oh PLEASE give me your list of dude ranches so far!! My sis and I say we will give ourselves a holiday like that sometime, but I can't even mount a horse right now until I get back into shape!! Waaaaaahhhh....


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        Oh yeah! Got my trip all planned for next January 2011. White Stallion in Tuscon Az. I'm totally hooked! Bringing my son with me. We're so excited!


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          How wonderful Ellen! Hope you have a fabulous time and I LOVE the picture of you guys on the horses. I'm sooo jealous. Have fun and be careful and we'll be here when you get back.
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            Sounds wonderful and i know you will have another great time. I also love horses, started out grooming Thoroughbred race horses back in '84, then groomed mares & foals in '86. So I know the passion you have for horses.

            Stay safe while out galavanting and enjoy enjoy enjoy!! I am sooo jealous, wish it were me going also.


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              I would happily swap a 2 hour trail ride or 10 minute gallop.... for a week of Internet. Have fun and be safe.
              (that is a beautiful picture!)
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                Patagonia is only 30 minutes from my daughter and her kids. You lucky stiff! It is gorgeous there. Spent many weekends camping there when i lived out that way!
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                  Wow - fabulous picture! happy vacation!!!