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  • A Reminder

    Addie has a urinary tract infection. This is the first time she's ever really been sick, and we caught it early enough that no red blood cells had entered her urine yet, so she hasn't really experienced irritation. How did we know?

    On Monday, Addie had an accident on one of our beds. She hasn't had an accident since puppyhood, with the exception of one night we didn't let her out before going to bed, and there was a very loud thunderstorm, and she was very stressed. But even then she jumped OFF the bed and had an accident on the floor instead.

    Anyway, we were very confused, since this was so out of character for her. We started thinking, and realized she had been going outside frequently that day (she rings a bell to go out). We thought it over, and after she threw up somewhat randomly the next day, we made a vet appointment. Sure enough, she had a UTI.

    It was a very good reminder to me that when a dog does something out of character, even behaviorally, the first place you go should be the vet. I suspected a UTI, but I didn't think anything would even be wrong since she had only had one accident. And now that I thought about it, I realized that a few days ago, I was playing with her and grabbed her waist, and she cried in pain. I probably grabbed her kidneys and it hurt. So it was a good thing we went to the vet! Just had to share the reminder, as it's a good one.


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    You're a good Mommy.


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      I'd like to know

      I've met clients with dogs that I am quite sure have UTI's or something related, yet they tell me the dog checks out OK at the vet. However, all the signs are there, and I feel like they should be checked again or need a better test or something. Wish I knew...mostly, I hate thinking that the dog is having a problem and possible pain that is not getting resolved.