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  • Space for rent?

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    You know, I did

    this once at my shop in Gilbert. I had a Mobile gal rent a table when her rig went down, then she kept it for when it was really HOT. She did her own clients, took care of the $ and paid me rent never had an issue at all. Had hee at the shop for several years.

    Call Heather (APPGA) and see who's around in the E. Valley, and then give them a call. Surprisingly there used to be several shops that did things like this. Maybe Kim at Aardbark? Or Greg at the shop he bought down the street? Kim has a big salon, so she'd be my first chioce.


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      Make a list of shops near where you want to be and go cold calling, that wat you see the place and can say just looking and leave if it is a pig sty. Nice atmosphere you either talk to the owner or ask to come back at their convience, explainig of course what you want. I have a space for rent but am waiting for just the right person to wander in.
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        Thanks you guys. I guess if it is meant to happen, I will find a way. It is just so hard to convince someone I do not know that I am genuinely a good person and am not out to screw anyone over. I can't really blame anyone for being cautious, I suppose I would be as well.