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  • Designer Dogs

    You know there has been designer dogs forever, we just called them mutts. Now everyone is on the band wagon on having something different.
    I have a new customer this last week that bought two designer pups, one is a Shihpoo and the other one is a Yorkepoo, they paid $500.00 each for these little mutt dogs, we use to sell them for $25.00 each.
    I told them since they are such "Designer Dogs" they should have a "Designer" grooming price on them too, after all that's what it's all about for gulable people that pay that price for a mutt.
    I can't believe these people.

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    Designer Dogs

    I completely agree. Barnum of Barnum and Baily said there's a sucker born every minute. Charge them up the, and explain that you had to "create" the clip for this unique pup. LOL



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      Maybe she intends to breed Yorkshihpoo's, LOLOLOLOL!


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        designer breed here now..called shih-fons shih-tzu/brussels griffon mix
        I see the $$$$ !!! great idea! designer cuts for these special breeds! thats a good thought! starts at what? how much more? LOL!!


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          I'm noticing around here that more people have mixes now instead of purebreds. I miss having a wider range of breeds to work on. Everyone seems to have a shih tzu x.


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            Designer dog = desidner price. I actually offened one lady who had a PomXBichon. She wanted the "breed" standard haircut for her. I said that there wasn't a standard haircut for a mixed breed dog. Suckers entertain me, how can you be that stupid. You could have gotten a cute little mix for a shelter for cheap, but no you had to pay $$$ for it.
            Never gonna know if you never even try