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OT - what are your holiday plans this year?

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  • OT - what are your holiday plans this year?

    The 3rd Monday of January is supposed to be THE most depressing day of the year!! Resolutions broken, xmas bills unpaid, bad weather, to cheer myself up I have been planning my vacation!!

    Since my condo corp charged us $6,000 for new siding, I am not going south this January (or next for that matter) so I have decided to go for two one-week bicycle trips this summer. My son gave me an Ontario Cycling Atlas for Christmas and it shows good bike route throughout all of Ontario, which is a very large province.

    So, I will drive my car and bike (actually it's a recumbent tricycle) to a spot, cycle a route with planned campsites and return to the car in 6 or 7 days. I have some cargo capacity on the trike, so it's great trying to plan what I need to bring. I also have to figure out where I'm going to go and stay, how to eat, cook, etc. Yes, I am going solo, BUT I have decided to take my little Lulu (in my avatar) with me!! I'll take her on a few test runs to make sure she'll enjoy it first.

    Please don't rain on my parade by telling me this is dangerous because I am going alone!!! I am a big girl and can look after myself. I have already gone over the worst case scenarios and apart from being hit by a car, I could be lost, wet, hungry, tired, sick, all of which can be cured by calling my son who will come to rescue me!!!

    So, what are your holiday plans for the coming year?????

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    I haven't been thinking about the holidays really...we just finished the last one, LOL! I don't like to travel over the holidays, I stay put. I love to travel, but I do it other times of year. Usually just home to see family, and maybe a short road trip here and there. Hopefully next year we will finally get to go on our honeymoon, 5 years late is better than never and Cancun sounds good right about now.


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      I haven't gotten that far yet...
      I'm just trying to get through some of my personal ****.

      I do plan on going to the Pac. NW show in March and I HOPE to be going to Vegas in September.
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        Lol!! when us here in America see holiday we think of Christmas and Thanksgiving I think. but what she is saying is Holiday as in summer vacation.

        I SAY GO FOR IT!! I think its awesome to see anyone take the liberty of traveling and being active on your trip is even better. That's right your a big girl, and your pup will help you stay safe.


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          I am planning on going to Ohio in the Spring to visit my daughter and grandson. That will be wonderful since I only see them a couple of times a year. While there I will be staying at my friends horse ranch which is pretty awesome, too. While their I usually groom horses and spend time with family and friends. That's the best kind of holiday to me. I can't wait.
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            Well, once summer hits I will enjoy not having to wake up my daughter for school and driving her there every morning! I will have both my children at home ALL DAY which I LOVE. I miss her so much when she's at school. I love when she has off and I dread the "back to school" time we parents are supposed to look forward to.
            We try to take one family vacation a year, though we can usually only afford a few days. Last year we went to North Hero, VT but that was family vacation AND where my mom wanted her ashes spread. The year before we went to Wells, Maine and took a tour of light houses and saw the ocean. This summer my husband wants to go to TN to visit his parents. We'll see, he wants to drive and I am NOT a road traveler on long trips by choice! It's a 17 hour trip, with two small kids, not my idea of a vacation. But he wants to stop in DC, and I've never been there. We usually go to Six Flags, which is 45 minutes away, Lake George (where six flags is) on weekends to go to the beach. We do a lot of miniature golf (or putt putt for you midwesterners LOL), go carting, etc. We can't afford to take any big fancy vacations, but we always have fun and the kids have always loved it. About the only thing they complain about is it not lasting long enough LOL
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              Five nights at the family cabin in Sept. That's the carrot I'll dangle in front of my nose all summer.
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                I am so jealous of your bike trip. It's not silly for you to go by yourself. Live your life, anything can happen at anytime to anyone. My holiday (or vacation) is in about 2 weeks when I visit my grandparents in their retirement park in Florida. I love it! I get to play Bingo and cards and fish and read. I can't wait to retire and it is nice pretending for a week every year. Unfortunately I have probably 30 years to wait.


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                  Now I know...

                  I'm going to smooze Wet Nose and try to become her friend so she invites me on her next riding trip!