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Lagotto Romagnolo tips?

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  • Lagotto Romagnolo tips?

    Anybody ever groom one of these. I have my first one who so far has only been a trim , She is 8 months old. At the moment she looks like a really long haired chocolate sheep. Im trying to come to a happy medium with the mom and dad. Mom likes her long , dad wants her shorter.

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    After reviewing this site, personally I would treat this breed similar to that of a porti (not the Lion clip) they are very similar in appearance and do not seam to have a standard breed style but you can look through the AKC standards for exact grooming.. but to be honest if it were to have walked into my shop I would say porti as breed resemblance . hope this helps.


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      Yeah they are similar however this ones coat is closer to a poodle then a portie. I have looked all over the internet about them. I was hoping someone had some hands on experiance with them.


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        I do not have personal experience grooming them. They ares very rare. However, I met one was looking into getting one and did a lot of recearch.
        After learning about very high rates of HD, epilepsy and temperament issues combined with over $3000 price tag I decided to pass and stick to poodles and poo mixes from shelter.

        They are rustic breed.
        The "official coat care guidelines" go against what we know as groomers. They are supposed to be sheared down once or twice a year when their coat starts to matt and nothing else needs to be done. If the dog is shown the coat is kept down to 1 1/2 -2" all over. No sculpting to hide the faults is allowed.
        The coat is very similar to poodles and should be treated in the same way. You need to find out what her owners preferences are and do that.


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          Sorry, my tot hit the submit buttob before I was done.
          Here is a grooming page from Lagotto Club of America . They have lots of pics to give you an idea of how they are supposed to look.

          If owner want this look. Bath, brush, clip and re wet. Blot exess water with towel and air or cage dry.
          Hope it helps.


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            Hi, someone groomed one of these for the team competition in Germany at the World Grooming Competition. I have a pic, its not terrific but you can sort of see that it is similar to a portie. In fact, thats what I thought it was until someone enlightened me! lol. Don't have alot to recommend to you, just thought you might like to see the picture.
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