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What is a "Collar cut?"

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  • What is a "Collar cut?"

    Got a call from a lady who keeps her Mini Poodle in a "Collar cut". Looked it up in "Notes", but it's not there. Common sense tells me that the neck area will be shaved...but how much? I hope she has pics of her freshly groomed. Does anyone have any pictures or advice?

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    Probabaly one of those terms coined by the owner. Just have her describe in detail exactly what it is she wants if she doesn't have picts. If she is one of those that acts like YOU are unknowledgable groomer since you don't know the term, tell her you couldn't find it in any grooming books or on the
    SheilaB from SC


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      Perhaps she's talking about the Mink Collar Clip? It was in Shirlee Kalstone's poodle grooming book put out in 1981. According to the book, the collar is a band of hair that encircles the neck halfway between the base of the skull and the withers in the back, and halfway between the throat and the breast bone in front. The collar should be 3/4-1" wide on toys, 1-1 1/2" on minis, and 2-2 1/2" on standards. I did have a lady who had a poodle with a giraffe neck, and she used to put it with a dutch clip so the dog's actual collar wouldn't slide all the way down to the base of its neck because the sliding of the collar irritated her dog's throat. Egad, I've not done one of those in many a year. I'd ask the lady a bunch of questions when she came in to make sure you're both on the same page. At any rate, thanks for making me think about Sissy, the white standard poodle who wore it. She was one sweet old lady.
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        My guess is that she gets the neck shaved. We call that a sweetheart collar.


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          The best thing to do is ask her exactly what she means as it can mean a lot of thigns to different people.Around here groomers tell owners they are gettign a puppy cut owners come back to a shaved dog! I get a lot of clients that way. I always ask and show what length ont he dogs coat we think we are talking about I rarely have disappointed clients. Most of the ones I get who are unhappy with their previous salon is due to the fact that the salons are not consistent at all!


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            we always called it a collar ring; from the shoulder blade up; like you would do for a dutch or town and country, to the bottom of the topknot, and up into the face.