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What is a "Collar cut?"

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  • What is a "Collar cut?"

    I got a phone call from a woman who keeps her Mini Poodle in a "Collar cut" Common sense tells me that the neck is shaved where the collar would be. I looked it up in "Notes" and it's not there. Does anyone have any pictures or advice? I'm told she's about 12-13 pounds. Thanks!
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    Usually its called a jeweled neckline or a banded collar. You shave a strip around th eneck, usually with a ten. I have no photos to share. Its an older style, not done so often, but if you look at the Kalstone poodle book, on page 93 there is a detailed photo session of how to do it. I cannot post those pics cause they are copyrighted, but if you don't have this book, you need it.
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      Since the average pet owner misuses terms, I would ask for a picture. Tell her you know what it means as a professional pet groomer, but you want to be certain it is what she is talking about.


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        I've only had one client in 18 yrs ask for this cut. I actually liked the way it looks and wish more poodle clients would get it. basically you just shave the neck all the way around.