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I'm a little shaken

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  • I'm a little shaken

    and I guess I just need to get it off my chest. Sorry folks... long story.

    My shop is actually a duplex. There is a 1 bedroom apartment attached in the back. For years, my neighbor was Jack, and I loved having him for a neighbor. But last year he moved into one of those subsidized (sp?) apartment complexes. My landlord offered me the apartment. He said he would knock the wall out and I could have the entire building. Unfortunately, at the time I had just decided to give up large dogs and I was concerned it would affect my income. I didn't want him to knock out the wall and revamp the whole building only to have ME stressing to afford the higher rent. So I passed. And then I proceeded to kick myself in the teeth numorous times because I realized I wouldn't have had a problem afterall.

    The landlord totally remodeled the back apartment and found a renter. An elderly man with Alzheimers and his adult son, who is supose to be taking care of him. That's not happening, in my opinion, but that's another long story.

    So this evening I'm working on my last dog of the day and I hear all this noise coming from the apartment. Which is actually odd, because those walls are pretty thick and I never hear anything over there. Jack always use to tell me he could never hear my barking dogs either. But tonight I heard plenty of noise and at first I thought the neighbors were talking to people through their door. They do that sometimes - just one of the many strange things that go on back there. But it continued for quite awhile so finally I peaked out my side door to see what the commotion was all about. I was surprised to see nobody out there.

    Being the semi-nosy person that I am, I turned everything in my shop off so it was silent, and put my ear up to the wall. That's when things got bad. There was alot of pounding going on..... and yelling. I'm assuming it was the adult son doing all the yelling because every other word was the F word and he wasn't taking any breaths in between. But whats worse is I could also hear very muffled cries that sounded like the old man yelling OW OW OW. I wanted to march over there and pop the sons head off and shove it elsewhere, but instead I turned into a totally freaked out bowl of jello.

    So, I called the cops. Luckily, a policeman lives just 4 doors from my shop and he came right over on foot. He pounded on the door for quite awhile before the son finally opened it, and within a few minutes there were 3 more squad cars in my parking lot.

    Trying to shorten this up, it all ended with the officer coming to me to tell me he suspects there was definately something going on over there, but can't prove it. (he also said the son was NOT happy to see him standing at his door) However, the old man was very calm, had no marks on him and the apartment seemed to all be in place. At first the son told him he didn't hear the door because he was asleep, but then changed his story and said he was "trying" to sleep, but his dad had the tv up full blast and that's why he was yelling at him. (I didn't hear a tv) I'm pretty sure the cop knew he was lying. He said as bad as he wanted to haul that man off to jail, he couldn't do it because he didn't have a leg to stand on. But he said, "I promise you if I ever get a call about them again, he's going to jail".

    My floors didn't get washed, the cages didn't get cleaned, I have 6 messages on my machine I didn't return and I didn't do my end of day cash register close-out. I just grabbed my shop money, my purse and coat and out the door I went. (the dog I was working on got picked up while the police were at the back apartment) I honestly did not feel comfortable being alone in that shop. I'm sure the son knows it was me who called the police.... who else would it be? I don't know why, but I just have a real uneasy feeling about that man back there and I really wish he would move and Jack would come back.

    Anyway - I called the landlord and told them everything and they are going to make some phonecalls tomorrow because they agree that the old man needs to be checked on. I'm not moving to another location.... my rent is VERY reasonable and I have the best Landlord you could ever ask for. Up until this evening, I loved being there. My home away from home. But now? Eh..... I think maybe I'm just shook up over the whole incident and needed to freak out a little bit. lol

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    Pup you did the absolute right thing, just watch yourself, bullys are nasty. Good thing that cop lives so close, anything happens he will be on top of it,more than likely watching,would have freaked me to, I am so proud you looked out for the innocent old man.
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      KUDOS to you!!! That would of shaken me up too! If that man were my relative, I would definately want somebody to intervene & do the RIGHT thing that you did!!!


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        Good for you! Now, pour yourself a tall cool one and chill.
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

        Groom on!!!


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          Good for your for taking the steps you took. It could have been anything happening back there.
          So sorry you've lost your sense of peace in your "home away from home"...maybe it's time to bring the big guys back in and ramp up the volume of the the bad man out.

          If it ever comes up w/ the "neighbor" could always say you thought he was being broken in were you to know?

          Hope it gets better for you Scrub.
          Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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            It was

            wonderful that you cared and called. It might lessen the meanness right away for now he knows he's being watched. But I would be shook up too and you'll need lots of gumption to carry yourself strongly and continue grooming. Likely he won't be there long and you might consider the opportunity again.
            Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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              Yes, you definitely did the right thing by calling the police. From now on if you hear anything else like that, document it and call the police again. If the son in any way threatens or makes you feel uncomfortable call the police immediately.


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                You did the right thing. Too many helpless people suffer because nobody else wants to get involved.

                If the son suspects it was you who called, about the last thing I would worry about is him bothering you. He knows you are guaranteed to call the cops if he causes trouble and he'll avoid having that happen.

                I also suspect he'll save his abuse for after you close so you won't be able to hear it going on. And the old man is more than likely too far gone mentally to complain on his own.

                Bad situation all around.


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                  I'm so proud of you!! I hate to admit it, but I might have talked myself out of calling the police until it was too late! I always try to think the best of people, but maybe I should think the worst, since that usually seems to be the case.

                  Maybe you are this elderly man's guardian angel.

                  And, I hope you take a dog or two of your own to work with you so you aren't alone there. If not, maybe you could borrow one for a while.


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                    Do you have a dog that you can bring with you? Having a dog with me makes me pretty darned comfortable in most situations. You did the right thing-that poor old man .


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                      Is there an Office of the Aging where you live? I'm wondering a call to them might get some extra help for the father--something like a Senior Protective Services. You did the right thing calling the police! Alzheimer's is tough and not everybody is cut out to be a caretaker, which is a 24/7 job. I made it 3 weeks with my mom in my house with Alzheimer's. Way more care than I could give her.



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                        First of all, don't feel bad cause you didn't march over there and take care of it. That doesn't make you a bowl of jello, that makes you SMART. Calling the police was the best thing to do AND it was brave. Most normal people don't like calling the cops on neighbors because we are either afraid of being mistaken and looking like idiots or, like you are experiencing, we are worried nothing will come of it and we will have made a possible enemy.

                        If this man ever confronts you about calling the police, just tell him you heard noises that made you worry their was a home invasion going on. I also think winteroo has a great suggestion about bringing your dog(s) to work w/you. My boys come in w/me and they are a great source of security when I am working by myself.

                        Hope you are feeling less nervous about this situation. I have scary neighbors too. I definitely sympathize.
                        SheilaB from SC


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                          How scary. I dont want to be the devils advocate BUT many people suffering from this terrible disease become violent themselves. One friend of the family I knew was a caretaker for her husband with Alzheimer's and he became increasingly violent towards her. Just thought i would mention this since the possibility exists.

                          Personally I have a branch of the family tree that includes my grandfather who is starting to suffer from dementia - every addict in that part of the family has swarmed in on him like vultures and are milking him dry of every penny he owns and stealing his meds. We have discussed calling family services after seeing bruises and nail marks on him, but we feel there is nothing that can be done because he will only tell them there is no problem.


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                            So sad

                            Wow, that's a bit scary.

                            On the other hand, the police didn't see marks on the old man, so that's good. Maybe the son is just at the end of his rope and was hitting something else (if he was hitting anything at all) while verbally letting out his frustrations. I am guilty of having done the same.

                            I feel bad for everyone. It should not be up to relatives to provide care for Alzheimer's and other problems. The system can suck.


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                              poor old man,and poor you to have to be in such a situation!!! Thank God you were there though..............and called the police.