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  • I need a good Name

    I would like to start a not for profit dog walking business. My plan is to go to the hospice in my city and get the names of all the people with dogs. I have found that dogs tend to fat and get a lot less attention when one of their parents are in hospice. This is very understandable and to be expected. How would you ever have time to take care of your dog like you use to if your partner was dying. So I would like to go to these houses and once a week get the dogs out for a couple of hours. I plan to take them on long walks and if the dogs get along with other dogs take them to the dog park.
    So I need a great catch name? any suggestions
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    What a nice way to give back to the community. I am sure your help will be really appreciated. As far as names go. How about (A Walk 4 PAWS) Sounds like A walk for pause. Paws a Moment. A name should reflect or business's personality I believe, so you have to figure out what that would be.


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      What a great idea. So many of these people LOVE their pets and feel very guilty that they can no longer provide for them. Your not only giving to the pets, but to the people too. They can pass from this world with complete dignity and know that someone cared for their pet as well as for them.

      Ask Hospice about this, but I think a great name would be Hospi-pets (or some other version of this; Hospice pets, hos-pets, etc). It says it all.


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        Home Bound Hound

        Well that was the first thing that came to mind.

        I think that is really a nice idea, but such a large amount of time involved. Although a great way to get fit!


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          Paws for a Cause, Four out the Door