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Anyone been to Barkleight Northwest Show? Opinion?

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  • Anyone been to Barkleight Northwest Show? Opinion?

    I live in Oregon and saw this show advertised. Any input on it. What's the best one to go to that has vendors with lots of product line? I am a groomer, self wash tub and retail shop.

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    northwest trade show

    I have been to a few of them over the years. Thu they are not the biggest show it is still worth going in IMO, just to talk to the venders and the other groomers. I will be going this year with a fellow groomer. We're coming from Walla Walla so hope to see you there.


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      It's suppose to be BETTER this year! We are suppose to have CONTESTS with real dogs! (year before last we had fake dogs)! So this should be great! We did get conformation that there will be contests, but so far not which ones! They are major busy working on the Passedena show.

      The new location is dog friendly! Yeah!


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        I live in Tacoma and used to live downtown right near the Murano hotel (where the show is). The Murano has been winning awards lately for being such a neat/artsy/cool hotel. I've heard from a friend who stayed there that it was nice. Tacoma is a cool town to visit, too and it's done a lot of growing up in the last few years. Since the UW moved in downtown, it is much safer/cleaner/nicer than in the past.

        There is the art museum, chihuly glass museum, etc to do too. There is free light rail transit through the downtown part of the city, and it will be easy for people to park at the transit center by the tacoma dome for free, then ride the light rail to right in front of the Murano.

        I haven't done the groom show, but I'm excited for it!!!

        Anyone planning on going can PM me if they want directions/hints for parking/etc. I know all the good places to eat and stuff