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  • how should I handle this?

    Well, my sister in law has a husky. They live in this little 700 sq ft apt in the city w/a tiny backyard and NO FENCE!! And they saw no reason to ever walk the dog. And they had the dog in the kitchen usually. She is really a good dog though fortunately, just very hyper understandably so. Well my bro in law got into a major accident so my sis in law had to stay at the hospital w/him for awhile, they are home now, but the dog has been staying at my parents house. They live on a farm. They have a big fenced in yard, and they have a dog of their own so she can play w/him. I have siblings that are preteen so she plays w/them all the time and she gets to run and play w/them constantly and they take her for walks EVERYWHERE!! On the road, thru the pastures, this dog is in HEAVEN!! Plus they live in a big farmhouse and she has the run of the whole thing, wherever she wants to go she goes. At night she sleeps w/my siblings instead of the kennel where she used to sleep(I am fine w/kennel training BTW, just saying she is getting a good deal here!!). I mean she is loving it!! And she is so much calmer. Before she jumped all over me and everyone, she was a nut. Not aggressive, just a basket case. Now I love her. anyways, my in laws may be moving to a different apt near me. The apt is newly remodeled and decorated, 800 sq ft, but still no yard and my sis in law has to care for my bro in law. And they want to get the dog back. I am just nervous about it and dont know what to say to her. I know they miss her alot, but she is so happy and is in such a better place, I am worried she will get depressed if she is put back in that kind of setting again, only w/less attention cuz my sister in law cant play w/her even inside as much. Plus when she is in a new place she pees everywhere (the dog, lol), and I dont think the new landlord will appreciate this too much, as they didnt really want the dog there in the first place, just with a doctors note, for therapy reasons. I just dont know what to say to them. I dont even know if I am right, but I can just picture the dog jumping all over my BIL while he is trying to recover, among other things that she could do. I used to work in a shelter and am hoping nothing bad happens w/the dog mentally or anything. My parents love the dog too, and are also worried, they are willing to give her back of course, but have said they would not mind keeping her, I just dont know what to do!!! Or say to anyone at this point!! I didnt think my sis in law should have gotten a husky in the first place, but what do I know, just been around dogs my whole life, LOL.

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    Unfortunately all I would do is talk to your sis in law and see if she would be willing to let the dog stay with ya'll. Maybe you could say that ya'll have gotten very attached and would miss her if she were to leave. Then she will either see how happy she is or she won't and she really misses her anyway. Maybe she thinks that the dog is a burden on your family and she wants to alleviate this burden by taking the dog back. So I think all you can do is talk to her, I wouldn't go too far and say she was a bad owner or anything harsh though, just let it go if it gets too heated. After all it is her dog.


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      I agree just talk to her about it, tell her how great it is for the dog at your parents. If she still wants to take the dog to the appt. see if you can get her (the dog) once a week and take her to your parents or take her on a long walk. At least then she will get a little bit of fun and exercies.


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        Been in a similar situation

        I know this is always difficult...maybe you could buy some time by telling your sis-in-law that you'll keep the dog until they get settled and bro-in-law is a little healthier. Tell her you think it would be best all around. Of course you have to do it in a non-confrontational way.

        I'm still working on trying to get my brother to give up his dog to me. A big chow-mix, about eight years old, matted to the gills and basically a lawn ornament. I finally convinced him to update all of his shots and I'm waiting patiently for the day he will let me have him but I'm not holding my breath.

        Good luck. I wish they could just see that all around the dog is in a better environment with you.


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          Read this thread to them. Seriously, if they knew how happy the DOG was (and forgot their own selfish needs), they'd want what is best for the dog. Ok, so show them this thread but don't show them this post, lol.

          Keeping a large dog in an apartment, not walking it---that's not good for the dog. The dog is happy, it is with RELATIVES, not strangers, see if they can leave the dog there and still consider the dog "their" dog and they can of course visit the dog all the time. If they see with their own eyes how happy the dog is, maybe they will finally decide that they want what is best for the dog, not themselves.

          The dog might be recommended by the doctor for therapy reasons (did I read that correctly?) but eventually he's going to be past that point, what will the landlord do then?

          I'm glad to hear the dog is doing well now. Sounds like a client of mine---she has a standard poodle and a shih tzu. Her daughter in Colorado has a standard also, but the daughter is busy with college, and the dog gets separation anxiety, can't afford doggy daycare too often---but the dog is currently staying with my client and is so much happier not being locked in the bathroom!!!

          Tammy in Utah
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            An apartment is no place for a Husky! These dogs aren't bred for that- they should have gotten something designed to match their lifestyle, not hope the dog can adjust to theirs...... because it won't.

            Any possibility you guys can divide up 'custody'? Say, they take the dog on the weekends, the dog stays at the other place the rest of the week? The dog would probably be easier for them to deal with those 2 days if she were getting plenty of exercise the rest of the week.


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              this was why when we were kids and begged my parents for a dog...they told us...WHEN WE GET A HOUSE we can get a dog. now keep in mind my mom has had dogs in apartments her whole life...ever since she was young. but HER apartments had a YARD for the dogs (she lived in chicago) to run around in. so it worked out PLUS the dogs where walked daily. now keep in mind no matter how much we wanted a dog of our own it wasnt going to work in a 2 bedroom apartment with 5 people in it and both parents working and all kids under the age of 14. so i supplemented my doggy fix by going to a nieghbors house and playing with her cocker spaniel and she trusted me enough(at the age of 12 yrs old to stay in her apartment and walk her dog and play with her while she was at work or ran a few errands. all she told me to do was if i took matty for a walk then just shut the sliding glass door...and if i had to go home before she left just put her inside shut the sliding glass door behind me and go out that way. now a cocker is a smaller dog...i cannot just imagine keeping a larger dog in an apartment with two people working all the time and the dog isnt even walked tell her how happy the dog is now to have room to run and doggy friends to play with...and take her to see the dog now...maybe even a little guilt trip might work? oh look at how HAPPY she is...running and playing with her doggy hate to think what she might do if she went back to apartment living..this breed needs SO much exercise..then maybe if she seems keen on the idea suggest a smaller breed or even a cat for health reasons for hubby?
              id just take her to see the dog to let her know how happy the dog is and looks and ACTS for one! if she see's her dog is happy,calm, and exercised and had plenty of doggy friends around...she might agree to let them keep the dog but she has visitation rights to see her anytime she wants.
              who knows...i hope it turns out right for the dog...