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I just did it, oh goodness!!!

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  • I just did it, oh goodness!!!

    well, I just ordered the groomer's helper. Didnt want to spend the money, but I am starting out and figured it would help boost self confidence, and since dogs can sense when u r nervous, I figured that alone would help. Plus I wanted to get it now so that way I get used to it, maybe if I start off using it, it will help this learning process w/learning everything else too if that makes sense. I am nervous though, cuz I dont like to spend money, but figured hey, its guaranteed. I opted for the pro set that way if I need it, its there and I dont have to fuss w/upgrading. I am just hoping it works!! But most of u who have it swear by it! And most people in my family havent seen the need to groom their dogs until now, so the dogs arent really used to this, so I figured, there too, that this would be the best bet. And Chuck seems so nice on this board!! That was encouraging too. Just nervous about spending the money, but would probably end up spending waaaaaaaay more if I didnt get it. Husband isnt being too supportive now, so I am having to buy it all slowly on my own here. I will do it though!!!! He is starting to come around, he had to help me hold a dog the other day, and then he decided to tell me it was ok to buy this if I thought I needed it, LOL!!

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    Great thinking!

    Now thats a great idea.

    Have your husband try to help you hold a snarly dog, and just see

    what he thinks then!. Very cute. Way to go.!


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      I know I will be corrected if I am wrong, but the GH has a money back guarantee so you loose nothing if you find it doesn't help...... That won't happen though, you will find it does help enormously!
      SheilaB from SC


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        You wont be sorry.

        I've heard a groomer or two say, "Oh, you need to learn handling skills first, before you purchase that, bla bla bla..."

        I disagree wholeheartedly, and here is why:

        When I first started grooming 3 years ago I was so frustrated not with biters, but spinners/dancers, etc...I got SO frustrated, I thought, "How can I keep grooming when I have dogs like THIS!!!" So I bought it. I think I'd been grooming for a month! So while this little (and yes, it IS little, and that is the reason I like it, it's out of my way) piece of equipment kept the doggies in place, I could learn to groom better, I could also learn to recognize signs of a dog about to snap at me/bite me, without actually being bitten.

        Now, after 3 years, I CAN handle the dogs without the Groomers Helper, but my question is WHY ON EARTH WOULD I WANT TO TAKE THAT CHANCE??? USE your Groomers Helper. Even if you "don't feel like it," because that one little move to hook the dog up is surely going to take hours out of your time (not!), make sure you TRAIN yourself to use it. Once you do that, you'll be able to focus on grooming rather than WORRYING about what might/might not happen while you're grooming.

        Which reminds me, THAT was one big RELIEF when I first started grooming. I was always worrying about being bitten. I was scared to death of the "unknown." Well, hooking the dog up to the Groomers Helper eliminated that worry. Then I could sit back and relax while grooming. Surely that's why Chuck Simon's Avatar with the MAD magazine guy al a Willie Nelson says, "What, me worry?"

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate