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Possibly taking in a dog or two

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  • Possibly taking in a dog or two

    So there are these ads on kijiji for two dogs. Meanwhile they are looking for a border collie puppy (they have a big backyard so it's a perfect match! Squeel! *read sarcasm*)

    Anyhow, the two dogs in question are a 9 and 10 yr old pair of shih tzu/poodles. They are nippy (naturally), but Im willing to work on it. The reason I want to take them in and give them a chance is due to the pictures. The background is pure garbage heaps. I mean if you dont even make an effort for the pictures, come one!

    Anyhow, I plan on rehoming them. Once I figure out what would be best as it seems they will be given to anyone. I have done this before.

    Anyone want to give any advice. Be blunt, I can take it. Im actually not sure if I should take both, and if only one, then which one?

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    If time, money,energy allow then take them both, just be prepared to seperate them to work on them bonding with a human instead of each other, probably been in the garbage and not socialized.
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      If you've done it before and you have the resource go for it. I think it would be great if you can take both, but if can only take one, that's still great! B/c of their age and behavioral issues, you may have some trouble rehoming them, so be prepared.


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        If the dogs have been together a long time, take both. How could you take just one out of that cruddy environment, drive off with it and leave the other behind by itself, sitting in garbage? I couldn't do that in a million years, saving one and not the other.

        Two small dogs that size, accustomed to being together for company, won't be any more work than one.


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          My only concern would be potential medical issues - especially coming from that environment. What if they are both heartworm+ and need to go through over 1k of heartworm treatment?


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            Best of luck to you! We need more people like you!