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  • Cheapest Clippers *that work*

    So I want to start a housecall grooming business. I could do it at home, but with my roomate it might not go over so well (with the customers, he's slightly mentally handicapped and can offend people when they don't know).

    Anyhow, if I were to do it this way, could anyone give me advice and tips. And also, what would be a good set of cheap clippers, and where can I find an easy and hopefully cheap portable grooming table.

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    The portable Table

    I found a good portable table on ebay for under a $100.00 that came with the grooming arm. I can't help as far as cheap clippers go. I do feel that you should probably not skimp on the clippers if you can help it. I started housecall grooming in November and the hardest part is hauling it all in and setting up. But I seem to do what I do when I'm going on vacation, take more than I actually need. I also seem to think what if I need this.... never do. oh well


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      The andis plus 2 speed are in pet edge for under 100.00. I think they are great. I also bought a pair of osters on ebay for 50.00 . and I got a pair andis pro pet from school they are ok,for light clipping I think you can get those for around 60-75.00 .