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OT:Lasting effects of the Haiti disaster...

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  • OT:Lasting effects of the Haiti disaster...

    Please pray for a family here in Alabama that has a missing family member in Haiti. A couple in our church have a son who was in Haiti the day of the earthquake and is still unaccounted for. He is in the military, a loving husband and father of 3 small boys. His parents, his wife and all of his family and friends ask that we pray for his strenth and for the rescue efforts that are still ongoing. Please also pray for the continued strength and courage of his wife and mom.

    I also pray for the hundreds of unaccounted-for people and their families, for the dead and dying, and for Haiti that is in such need of the love of Christ.

    Thanks you!

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    Is that the one they did a story on the news about? It was on here in Huntsville. I feel so bad for his family. The not knowing part is so hard. Will be praying for him and his family, as well as the others hit by this tragic event.


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      Goodness, so sorry to hear that. I will definitely be praying!
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        There have been a few people in this area that have family there but thankfully they have been accounted for.
        Such a horrible situation.
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          A true tragedy, and horribly its going to be a long lasting one. My thoughts go out to those poor people and their families. My heart was breaking this morning watching the news and the poor father begging the presidents to send more help. It is just so awful.