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I hit the jackpot!

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  • I hit the jackpot!

    After looking for a groomer for so long and all the problems I was finding, when I finally found one that I liked we both decided to have her start off slow with one day a week and then work up from there. This was so we could both make sure it worked for both of us and so she did not leave her other job in the dark. (she knows it is not going to work there but still did not want to just walk out on them which I really liked) Today was her first real day to work with me. It went so good, and she really is a good groomer! I was expecting to have to let her know how "I" liked things to look, but she was right on track. Her style is so similar to mine that I think she will fit in great. I look forward to her being there on a daily basis. Ahhhhh restored my faith in grooming. I may get a break after all.

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    That is great news....

    I am so happy for you. Ask her if she has any friends that want to groom in Oxford!


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      Good for you...that must be such a nice feeling to have someone who 'gets it'! Now, wishing you the best in luck that it continues as the days go on. :0)


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        That's gotta be such a relief. Great news!