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I may have a new job, have questions

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  • I may have a new job, have questions

    I spent 3 days last week grooming at a high-end salon. This may be a terrific opportunity because the groomer I have been put next to is very good and can teach me a lot. I have really been looking for a place where I can work with really good groomers who can look at my work and let me know if the leg needs more work or if the head is too big, etc. I think they may offer me a position, but I am nervous...
    They pay hourly. This makes me nervous because if I am hourly I feel like if I am not working for even a second I am wasting the owner's $$. The problem is I am not a very fast groomer. I am a perfectionist and still have a lot to learn, and I am nervous that I will not be able to groom to their standards (or mine, for that matter) if I am so concerned about time. Not to say I am not concerned about time when I am on commission, but I can schedule my time differently if I know I have 8 hours to groom 5 dogs. If I have 5 haircuts to do when I am hourly, I feel the need to do this in as little time as possible. I am afraid that this will lead to mistakes.
    for Employers: What would you expect from a groomer who went to a sub-standard school and has been grooming less than 3 years?
    For all who have negotiated hourly positions, how did you handle making sure you would have time for learning/getting help if you are a slower groomer who needs to learn to get speed up?
    I am an anxious person at baseline, is working hourly a bad idea?
    Opinions, please!

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    Great. I hire you and you slow down my good employee, and then I have to fire the both of ya! I'm just kidding! Prolly shouldn't kid an anxious person, huh? Sorry.

    I think w/ any new job..there is an anticipated "settling in" period...probation, if you will.
    As an employer for many years...I never expected a new hire to hit the ground running...the very first day. I much preferred they absorb how we operated, asked questions, and followed instructions w/out a ginormous discussion over every little thing.

    I don't think speed should be your worry...right out of the gate. Let the employer worry about your speed. Just go in and focus on doing the best job you can, in the way that you know, until you are pointed in a different direction.
    Chances will be given tips to increase your speed anyway. Things that have not been previously pointed out to you.
    I don't believe a "sub-standard school" should weigh you down...if you show a willingness to learn new ways and undue (possibly) bad habits.
    Get in the habit of NOT making excuses. Even if your previous education is at fault.
    Embrace the new place's way of doing things if they make more sense or you get better results.

    Good luck...don't let "the worries" get the best of you, it sounds like this could be an exciting opportunity.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      I agree completly with Sibes, but wanted to add that maybe you can start at a lower hourly rate, like what you would commission out at after 5 dogs and as you gain skills and speed that rate could go up. I would make sure that is in your contract. I also have to add that I would have killed to have you come in to my salon and apply for a job a few weeks ago. (I got lucky and found someone after looking for so long) Finding a groomer who doesnt "know it all" can be hard, and your attitude is refreshing. Also five dogs a day is not that bad to start out with IMHO. Good luck and keep us posted.