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  • Tagging favorite threads, comments

    I guess this is geared towards Admin, but is there a way to tag or save favorite threads into a personal folder so that we can re-read specific 'tid-bits of advice' for future reference. I do not intend to be ready to go into business until late June, but would love to start collecting pieces of these threads, as this forum is a Goldmine, but can only be useful if I can access specific threads or comments from the past whenever I may need them. Does this make sense? Thanks.

    Stephen: Yes, but not just yet. In about 2 weeks. We are getting a big upgrade to the board, adding GroomerTALK Online Magazine to the board, and tagging will be started too, and our Bloggers will be here too. Big changes, but easy to use, board operates identically but you can add tags optionally.

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    For the time being, can you copy and paste the text to a word document and create a file on your desktop to save tidbits? You could even print them up if you want to.


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      Another thing you can do is post a comment on the thread you like. That way you can go to your statistics click on find all post by you. This makes it much easier for you to look up something you found useful.


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        Thanks for the tips...

        I've never thought of doing both of the above. Great ideas happens when many minds come together towards a common goal.