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What do you suggest I do with this dog?

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  • What do you suggest I do with this dog?

    Hello! I have a Shiba Inu in my grooming room right now. He is a shelter dog, who is VERY skitish! I've gotten everything completed on him, except his nails. They are very long, but white, so I can see the quick, and I've got a long way to get them down yet. He keeps trying to bite me, and can get a muzzle off in 10 seconds flat, no matter how tight it is. My grooming arm broke on my last dog - (the pit bull didn't like being on a table!) So I can't tether him down, so to speak. How do I get these nails done without causing this dog any more anxiety? What would you do?

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    If you can't do them safely then have the owners take him to the vet. Its not worth hurting the dog nor getting hurt over some nails.


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      get a second pair of hands, or dont do them. you dont want to stress or injure the dog and you certainly dont want get bit. so wait for someone to help you hold him or send him out undone. I work alone and I am not very big, I had a guy bring in a chocolate lab, first time I only got three feet done. he was a holy terror on the table. not biting just freaking out. so the second time he came in I opted to not put him on the table at all.( my grooming is also bent from another crazy dog). I got one foot done and the owner couldnt hold him anymore (average size, 40- 50 ish man-- go figure). so now he takes him to vet.


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        Send him to the vet.
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          If you can wrap him in a towel so that only a foot at a time is exposed and clip his nails, then try it, but otherwise, skip the nails and explain to the owner he's had enough stress for one day. Sounds like you have had enough stress for the day as well.


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            wrap him tighly in a towel only exposing his legs.. if you are alone hold him tight to your body if not have someone else do it.. holding him close will help keep him calm..


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              Are you working alone? If you have anyone there who can help I could get something REALLY yummy and smelly. Have the other person hold it in her closed fist but loosely. Let the dog get involved in trying to get it out of her fist and as he starts to concentrate on her hand instead of you, go ahead and clip the nail. As soon as our helper hears the CLICK have her open her hand and let the dog take it.

              This works a lot better if you have a loop though. do you have anywhere you can secure him? maybe back in the tub (dry it first obviously) If you have no helper and no way to secure him you may have to wait till next time to do those nails.


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                Nothing, the groom is over when it is no longer safe for the dog or you. Plus it would stress unnecisarly an already stressed dog, skittish breed to start with.
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                  Sometimes I try an e-collar if muzzle won't work, however if he is really stressing it is better not to push him anymore. You have to know when enough is enough. Good luck


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                    I wouldn't do them

                    and send him to the vet's to have them done. I work alone and if it's that much trouble, it's not worth anyone getting stressed or hurt over.


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                      Don't do nails

                      Seriously, when the dog is adopted he will have to go to the vet from most shelters, and they can do the nails while he is sedated if he is getting neutered.

                      You are at a disadvantage, don't have help, and the dog is possibly a bit phobic. There have already been posts on here about dogs (not just old ones) dying when over-stressed about having nails cut, so why push it?


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                        Don't bother finishing the nails.

                        Just a note for the future......Shiba's that I have done are real quick to bite on nails.


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                          Get the owner to hold him. If that doesn't help, then the owner can see the problem. Sometimes, they can work with the dog at home to help de-sensitize him. I have one dog I do that cannot have her nails done except under sedation, but I've been working with her with a dremel, and last week, got all her nails done! She's a golden/chow mix. That might be another option for this dog.
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                            Originally posted by MeganDavids View Post

                            What would you do?

                            Tie his trap shut with a length of cotton clothesline double looped snugly around his muzzle, pulled back behind the ears and tied tightly behind his ears.

                            With no grooming arm, I'd snub him firmly in the tub, tuck him under my left arm facing away from me, lift his hinder off the ground, grab his feet and snip away. Drop the rear, slide forward, grab his outside front with my left hand and push it under his body so I could clip the nails. Drop that foot and grab the inside foot with my left hand, hold it firmly and clip the nails.

                            Mission accomplished.

                            Would he like it? No. But I wasn't doing anything that would hurt him and warrant him biting me in retaliation and life is tough all over.

                            It beats getting knocked out in the vet's office for a darned nail trim.


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                              [KANK!] STRAIGHT to the curb!
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