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Finally!! But now some major decisions!

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  • Finally!! But now some major decisions!

    It's been so long I don't know if anyone remembers but, my daughter and I moved from Texas to Wisconsin back in August '08. My husband had to stay back because the job he had lined up fell thru so he's been looking and interviewing up here ever since with no luck. I started my mobile in Wisconsin in Nov '08 with my new Elite and it has been growing every day. I'm booking out about 1 1/2 weeks and still have new clients calling every week. All this with no advertising...all word of mouth from pleased clients.

    Well, GOOD NEWS IS my hubby finally got a job closer to me. Only problem is it's 4 hrs north of here!! I WILL be moving but I can't til my youngest daughter graduates this June. Here lies my dilemma...what do I do with this growing business? It seems wrong to nip it in the bud before it truly has the chance to flourish and be prosperous. There's obviously a need/want for this service. I am the only mobile groomer based in this area. I know I have options...(1) sell truck and all and start over...(2) gradually move my business up to the new area...(maybe build some clients on the weekends up there and gradually let go of clients here??) (3) hire someone to continue my schedule here and buy another mobile for up there?? Eventually expanding to a variety of areas with multiple Mutt Lover's trucks...gosh, I don't know? I like the idea of hiring someone but will be extremely hard to find someone that will please me (I'm very picky) and be able to trust!

    Any ideas? I just hate to close up "shop" here when it's going sooo well...worried about leaving my clients in the lurch but more worried about just moving and not having clients to help pay for that huge truck payment!! Again :/

    Thanks for your help...all of you have been here helping me since day 1 when I was stressing whether I was doing the right thing when times were slow and when I was lonely without my better half (going on a year and a half now!) all had supporting words and great advice. I'm asking for your advice again. I'm sure some of you have been thru this situation and it sounds like some of you may be experiencing similar situations right now.

    Thanks again...gottalovegracie

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    Congrats to your other half for finding a job. Where ya headed? 4 hours north? You're just loving this cold ****, eh? lol

    I have no advice for you, but I'm sure you will do great with whatever decision you choose.


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      Its not an easy decision but opertating a mobile grooming business with an employee
      that is going to be 4 hours away is going to be tough. The reason you are doing so well
      without advertising and just word of mouth tells me you are not only a good groomer
      but customers really like you. Your customers trust you and the care you give their pets.
      If you used your elite and started over you will be sucessfull again. Look at the most sucessfull lady in mobile dog grooming Jody Murphy,she moved 3 times and made it work.


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        I would consider expanding toward your new location part time as you need, there are many good reliable groomers looking for a good position if your business is doing so well now in your current location chances are a 2nd truck will do just as well for you. good luck to you and your Husband.


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          Originally posted by shammu View Post
          Its not an easy decision but opertating a mobile grooming business with an employee ...and made it work.
          Really? I didn't realize she had to restart so many times. Maybe I should contact her and see if she has any advice!?

          And, scrubapup...yes, we love this area. We grew up here and all the family is here; hence the reason for moving back home. We will be heading up to the Marshfield/Stevens Point area. I actually went to UW-Stevens Point my first year in college many, many years ago.