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  • promaris?

    has anyone ever tried this?did your dog have any kind of reaction to it?any info would be greatly appreciated

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    One of my clients used it and all 3 of her dogs got sick and one almost died. She bought it from her vet and the vet treated the dogs at no charge, so I think there must be something up with it. I will not take the chance with my dogs.


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      Promeris is a strong chemical. It is the same chemical that is used to treat demodectic mange along with a second one. I would not use it for fleas myself, but a dog with Demodex, sure. You have to be careful about your weights and use the one that is closest to your pets size. In other words, if you pet is close to the smaller size, use it. My 7 pound dog gets the Xsmall size...I beleive that there are some serious side effects involved in dogs with seizures but that is with anything.
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        I don't like it.

        I've used Promeris once on my six dogs. I ended up taking it back to the vets office. All six dogs became lethargic for a few days, and a few vomited. They just didn't act right for a few days after application. I notice that my vet's clinic no longer offers it as a flea control choice.


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          My vet recommends it for dogs who go hunting and are likely to get in contact with ticks. He doesn't think it works well for flea prevention.


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            When I use to work at a vet clinic, about 2 years ago we replaced frontline with promeris. Almost immediately people starting coming in with complaints. We actually had a cat die because the owner but the dog promeris on it by accident. There were a lot of people that complained of lethargy, and there were a lot of dogs that had hair loss around the application area. I got a year supply for free for each one of my dogs and I haven't touched it because of all the problems clients have been having.


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              The clinic I take my pets to has two vets. One sold me the stuff for all of my pets. The next time I took a pet in, the other vet told me: she didn't think they made Promeris for cats and if they did, she was sure their clinic didn't sell it b/c it wasn't safe for cats. Needless to say, I didn't use the remainder on any of my pets and I will never buy it again. My trust in both vets at the clinic is shaken and if there were more options in my town, I'd check them out.