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In the hospital again because of a cat :(

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  • In the hospital again because of a cat :(

    So, I'm typing this one handed. Please forgive the typos and lack of capitol letters from here on.

    one of the techs at my hospital brought her cat in to me today for a bath and brush. he was very calm and very sweet. he was even calm for the bath. i put him in a kennel with a fan to dry and moved on to my last groom dog. about an hour later he was mostly dry so i took him out of the kennel and mad a figure 8 harness which i then hooked to my grooming arm. i had one hand on the cat and was just about to pick up a towel to dry his paws off a bit when he spazzed out! i mean....i can't even describe it. there were no fans going, no noise, no dogs...he threw himself at the metal arm attached to my table and started to maul it. he bit HOLES into the METAL!! he then started death rolling and throwing himself off the table. he was in the figure 8 harness so i knew he wouldn't hang himself but my natural instinct wouldnt let me watch this cat flailing in the air hurting himself. so i reached for him. bad idea. he latched onto my hand and tried to gnaw my pinkie off. he did a pretty good job of it. but it calmed him down and he relaxed on the table like nothing ever happened. at this point my boss walks in and i'm just going into shock. i stood there watching myself bleed all over the floor and started shaking uncontrollably. my fiance rushed over to get me to the emergency room where they cleaned the wounds ( i had already scrubbed with a chlorhex scrub), gave me antibiotics, a tetanus shot, and removed three of jasper's claws from my hand. he lost six claws in this incident. currently my hand is in a full splint and i'm going to have to go see an orthopedic hand specialist to make sure i'm going to be able to retain full use of my hand. i also got a vicodin prescription which isnt helping much.

    at this point i can only hope and pray that i'll be able to fully use my hand again. especially since it's my right hand and i won't be able to groom without it.

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    So sorry for you

    Oh My! How awful. I hope you can recover fully from this and quickly. I have groomed a couple of cats in the past, but decided about a year ago, it was too risky and quit doing cats. Their bites and scratches can be devastating. Rest, take all your meds and follow all the docs instruction and we will be hearing back from you that the hand will be fine.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      OMG we will pray for your full recovery. I am sorry this happened. I hope it goes out as a message to all groomers: NEVER underestimate the damage a cat can do! How scary it must have been. I once had a cat CHEW up one of my fingers, too. Let me tell you I couldn't move...I couldn't believe it was happening even. AND it was also without any warning whatsoever. Thankfully I have never had a severe reaction to cat scratches or bites, but some folks get horrid infections and are not so lucky.


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        Oh you poor, poor thing! I tell ya...those kitties.....
        I sure hope you get some relief from the pain soon.
        That's an amazing number of claws to extract from one's flesh.
        Did the tech have any clue the kitty would turn into a Tasmanian Terror?
        I would feel horrible if my cat did that to a groomer. Heal.....!
        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          What an awful experience! I pray you heal quickly and your hand will be OK.

          Kind of after the fact, but we have a couple of rules for cats. #:1 we ALWAYS muzzle kitties - husband was bit pretty badly once before this. This was also a docile cat. #2: we ALWAYS have two people working with the cat - just in case. #3: we never put any type of restraint on them at all.

          Dog bites I can deal with - was bit last week by an out of control border collie, but at least it was just a minor break on the skin of left hand and then major bruising on my arm. It's healing just fine. The dog slipped the loop in the tub and got the muzzle off in a matter of seconds.

          Cats are really not truly domesticated - one never knows what they'll do. I really don't know if we should take any more kitties, the ones we groom now are just fine, but your story truly terrifies me! And we have two of own cats...


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            Oh wow that is so terrible! I will pray that you recover w/no lasting effects! I have been so lucky. Even though I have been badly bitten (attacked) by quite a few cats I have always fully recovered w/out medical help. Hope I didn't just jinx myself!

            Take care and let us know how things go for you.
            SheilaB from SC


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              I'm so sorry that this happened to you. That's one reason I don't groom cats. I really hope you make a full recovery and you will be in my prayers. I can't even imagine something like that happening. I'm sure I would be in shock also. It stuns me to think that a cat would attack so fiercely as to lose its claws. That's amazing. Just take it easy and follow Dr. instructions and I just know you'll be alright.
              "In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."


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                Bless your heart!! That was terrible!! Stories like that are the very reason I decided early on to decline cat grooming clients. I started out doing them because I wanted/needed the $$ and had some very PO'd, nasty tempered cats to deal with alone in my mobile van, but fortunately I escaped serious injury. Take care and keep us updated on your progress.


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                  I am so sorry!!!!!! I hope that all goes well and you are up and grooming soon!!!!!!


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                    Oh my! That's horrible! I'm so sorry. Grooming cats is very risky for sure. You can get so hurt from a cat bite. Those kitties are so damn fast. Bam! They can nail you. I hope you're OK. You did the right thing immediately seeking medical help so I'm sure you will be fine. But it's scary and painful. Just goes to show you, you can never trust a cat.

                    I'm learning to groom cats right now. I've waited this long because I know what can happen. My friend who has been grooming cats for over ten years puts an elizabethan collar on every cat in the van, even for nails. So, that's my plan. Does anybody else do this?

                    Please feel better and follow the doctors orders to a T.


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                      the cat that decided to eat my hand 9 years ago was the same way...I had groomed the cat several times prior with no incidents. I'm shaving the cat and out of the blue it went ballistic..ended up with puncture wounds on my right hand with several going down to the bone.
                      I ended up with a massive infection, was out of work DURING the holiday season for 2 weeks, had I waited any longer to go see a dr. would have lost my hand. The owner never even checked back in to see how I was doing.
                      I have done very few cats since and I'm actually quite leary of grooming them. It's not worth losing my hand over to groom a cat.

                      I hope everything turns out to be okay...
                      ~*~*~Shawn, C.M.G.~*~*~
                      Apparently common sense isn't all that common
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                        You sure did send shivers up my spine. Do hope you make a full recovery and soon.

                        I used to do cats, when I had my shop, but I did have help. One cat barely got me with a k-9 but did break the skin. Within a half-hour I was on my way to the ER. That fast I got an infection. Wasn't the first time thatI got an infection from a cat, seems I'm one of those who reacts badly.

                        So I don't do them anymore.


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                          So sorry,, sounds like a pretty bad injury. Hope you heal quickly. It only took one look at the finger of a girl in my grooming class to help me decide NOT to groom cats.


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                            I am so sorry about what happened to you! I will keep you in my thoughts and I hope you have a great and speedy recovery.
                            I must say, you have now made a decision for me, I was asked to think about doing cats, after hearing about this happening to you, no way!
                            All the best and take care of yourself, and that hand. Hopefully you will have no nerve damage and you will come out of this fine. Keep positive thoughts going through your mind, I truly believe that if you picture it in your mind it helps the healing process.
                            Good luck and let us know how your progress goes.



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                              I am so sorry Amber, I hope you heal quickly you have a wedding to attend too. Honestly when I got into this business five years ago, I deciced at that time NO CATS!!! I feel it is not worth the risk. I truly hope you heal fast with no complications, That is some serious pain that you are going through and I feel terrible for you no fun, take care my friend and rethink the cat thing if possible, there are lots of doggies out there to be groomed. Positive thought coming your way, your hand will be fine.
                              ***DON"T HATE ME BECAUSE IM POODLEFUL!!***