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  • Times are hard

    Our boss has went to buying rolls of fabric for bandanna's and he not buying ribbon anymore so I want to learn how to make bows not just the regular kind but fancy cute ones. Does anyone out there know how to do so or know who i should contact about it.I am married with no kids (ecept for the furry ones) so i figure in my spare time i can make me my own bows. And besides the fabric stores where can i buy bulk amounts of ribbon ?

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    Where are you from

    In So Cal, we have a place called Shinoda's and they have a costco size row of ribbons. I always pick up the sale or specials. They also have ones that have dogs, bones, etc on them. I will use a piece of that for the third piece (or top piece) of ribbon so it gives it the little extra.

    Yes, I would love to see how to make something a little more special. I just use 3 different colors ... that's my extent of cute.


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      Gosh...I have no advice at all in the bow department. Even my extension cords go all spider-webby on me when I'm not looking...but I did want to welcome you.
      I know there is a ton of bow-making advice around here somewhere...but those threads are to froo-froo for me...I'm a hazard to myself when ribbon is introduced.

      Somebody...anybody....can ya help Keeblersmom out?
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        I have found that just googling "bows for dogs" or similar will give you a few good sites on bow making. Seems to me Melissa Verplank has a little video on bow making and how to apply them so they stay. Gotta luv the internet.


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          I get most of my ribbon and embellishments from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanne's, Oriental Trading and Walmart. If you buy ahead or past season (in prep for next year) you can save alot $$$$.

          There are a few different varieties of bows. There are the 3 or 2 fingers (depends on hwo big you want them) which are the same as collar bows just smaller. You take your ribbon and wrap it around your fingers (6x for one color and 3x if using 2 colors) the you slide it off your fingers and fold in half. Then you take the fold and cut off the corners. Wrap a rubber band around it and then fluff out the bow. I usually pull one forward and one back to fluff.

          Then there are the normal bows and double bows. I assume you can make just a plain bow (I put doo dads in the middle of mine to make them special.) The double bow you take your piece of ribbon and cross it so it looks like a awareness ribbon. Then put your finger on the cross and tuck the ends back through the loop. Wrap the rubber bang in the middle of what will look like and X.


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            I went to a meeting of the TN Pet Stylist association and there was a lady there that showed how to make bows using a pair of hemostats. She could make a bow in about 3 seconds. She also wells them. You could call Susan Porterfield at Concord Grooming in Knoxville and get her contact info I don't have it.

            I know some of the people in this area buy there bows from and there are places on here that sell them as well.

            However if you want to make your own the husband of a girl I went to school with made a really cool bow making tool that almost everyone there at school purchased it after she showed them how to use it and how it made things so much easier and it was very inexpensive. Her name was Amanda King. Her number is 865-233-2927, cell is 765-215-4809, email is [email protected]. I'm sure she would be happy to tell you about her bow making tool. Tell her Matthew from school said to give her a call. She also makes bows and I buy them from her.


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              it doesnt hurt to check craigslist or even local craft flyers if your looking for cheap ribbon and or fabric. In the last month i have bought two large boxes of ribbbon from a ex scrapbooker off of there for about 15 bucks apiece. And all of it was usuable.


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                Google Mellissa Verplank she has videos on the internet how to make some bows and she also sells a bow making book. You probably can request it from the library also. Also forum had a bow making thread that taught how to make a rose for the center of bows and a couple of other techniques.


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                  I very rarely buy ribbon. Usually just for holiday bows and that's pretty limited to Christmas unless I get a hair up my butt. What I do is save the scraps of material from the bandanas and make bows out of that. Sometimes it's not easy if I buy cheap, thin material because the material ravels (I have no idea how to spell that) and shreds when I pull it through the rubberband. But I just try to save the thin material for the male dogs and then I don't have that problem

                  My bows are not fancy, but clients like that the bows are the same material as the bandana so it's all good. And it saves ME money.


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                    here is a post from me in's easy and fun to make bows. I think I'm addicted to it actually!! I find Michaels has great ribbon.


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                      I have always made my own bows until recently and to be honest, I just orderd 1300 bows from for less than $80 with shipping......Some are 80 count, satin bows with pearl centers for $1.99 and many other designs as well for VERY low prices... NOW I cannot make them for that! they also sell groomer ribbon there for as low as $5.99 for 100 yards and you cannot find it loally for that anywhere. I was FLOORED at the prices on their bows. Not sure why they are so low, but I have used their bows before and loved them, so I went with it. For that price, I cannot make them and the time involved is out of the question for me right now.
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                        Originally posted by amiga1 View Post
                        I have found that just googling "bows for dogs" or similar will give you a few good sites on bow making. Seems to me Melissa Verplank has a little video on bow making and how to apply them so they stay. Gotta luv the internet.
                        She also has a inexpensive book.
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