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Eng. Bull Dog Skin On Folds By Nose Question

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  • Eng. Bull Dog Skin On Folds By Nose Question

    Dozer is a huge young 7yr Bull dog. I gave him a bath today . He has a very deep fold over his nose and inside that cavern it is raw and oozie and stinky. He is going to the vet but I am asking what you Bull dog owners do. I think he needs a life style lift face lift. If they could do it, I know putting him under can be risky. Poor boy is so sweet. His sister Lola doesn't have the problem, but she has a deep space there too. I did use some witchhazel and the told them to place the cotton balls in there to dry the area. Then I gave them some skin works to try. BTW He let me trim his nails, but for drying he tried to bite the air a little.
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    The bulldogs we do get their folds cleaned daily at home (I have great owners) and your guy needs this too. They use antifungals to clear it up, when it gets sore, then you have fresh, healthy skin to work with. You clean with witch hazel or alcohol on a cotton ball daily to keep it clean and dry. One guy uses Desitin when its raw and then keeps a light coating on it every few days to keep it healthy.
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      I will call them and tell them what you said. It must really hurt, yet he wasn't touchy or mean.


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        Yep, baby ointments work good. I personally use CC Peace and Kindness.... And Eqyss Mega Tek gel.... I LOVE it... My guys never have issues and thats what I use on my clients as well.