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  • What my employee did for me

    Right around Christmas my groomer went out and bought a bunch of organizers for the van and has taken on the task of getting all of my stuff organized! She found a silverware caddy that fit in my drawer and now all of my combs, shears, brushes, etc are neatly arranged and don't slide around. She bought some organizers with drawers and started putting things in there as well. It's a task, that's for sure. I have no problem keeping things organized in the van, it's just I'm not good at looking at a space and knowing the best way to use it! My overhead storage is still a mess since things shift in there so much, but I'm working on that as well.
    It was so nice of her and now I don't go seraching for things, I know exactly where they are. I've been trying to get myself organized for a while. She's much better at it! LOL And it saves me time too!
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    one thing that really helps in my mobile is that pebbly soft foam stuff to go on the shelves for dishes, etc. I put it on all my countertops in the mobile, and put all my metal (mesh) organizers on it; they never move. NEVER, and I have hit a few big bumps, and take a few turns a little fast.
    It has held up for 5 months so far.


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      I'm not a mobile groomer, but I'm an avid RVer. Check out some of the rv sites may find many handy dandy storage and organizer ideas. I hate it when things get all messed up in my rv when we drive, so I have lots of clever storage stuff I bought from rv stores on internet. Just a thought.
      Your assistant sounds like a "keeper". He he...