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New customer - but she left my old business

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  • New customer - but she left my old business

    So, would you tell? She left me years ago (said I was money hungry because I charged her extra when I boarded her dog that did nothing but **** and roll in it for 6 days). (Oh, btw, I charged her $20 extra for the dozen or so extra baths that this filthy little dog got!) So, she calls my mobile service and books for this Tues. I didn't know it was her until I hung up, and the clue was that her little snowflake doesn't go outside, she uses a wee wee pad. Then I remembered! Now, should I call her back and tell her that it's MEEEEEE!!!! Or, show up and take the chance that she doesn't remember me? Can't wait to hear your replies.

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    I'd show up not only to see if she remembers you but to see the look on her face if she does
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      She called you. Of course show up. She probably won't remember anyway, and if she does, you get to watch her squirm! I think we remember them more than they do us.
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        I have the same problem recently, since I switched jobs and now clients that used to goto my old workplace (I didn't do them another groomer did) are now calling the new one. I'm always a little worried they are going to recognize me, but so far with the two that I've encountered they don't even remember me. I figure they booked an appointment and I show up. If it's such a huge deal then they can decline to have their "snowflake" groomed when ya get there and then be your "money hungry" slef and charge them a cancellation fee. J/K


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          I wouldn't let her know anything... a couple girls I work with have clients from previous shops, where they had issues with clients, or cut dogs or just silly things, well, the clients have switched shops and don't realize that now the people they're requesting were originally the ones who they had the issue with at the old shops.
          It is a small world out there! Just make sure you charge enough so you don't have any regrets lol


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            Go and be the profesional (on the outside) and enjoy it. if she remembers you then GRIN and no roflma until you leave. Let us know.
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              What Karla Said!

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                I've had that happen a couple of times...

                when I was new to grooming, I was working alone at one company, and I had a Newf... Never groomed a newf. I figured it was probably like grooming a golden. Boy was I shocked when this matted, nasty, hairy newf came it... I had to shave it's rear end and belly, and of course being new... I used a 30.

                She razor burned and the guy flipped. Luckily I wasn't there when he came in yelling and screaming, and demanding his money back... etc.

                Then I was working at my new place... I had learned a lot, working with competant groomers, and sure enough this newf booked it... I groomed her. She was still Nasty, but she wasn't as matted, and I had her all brushed and beautiful. The guy stopped by early to see how she was doing, and was talking to me for a minute.. He sort of looked at me funny, so I guessed he figured it out.

                But he came back the next day, and appologized for his flip out from last time, and told me I did a wonderful job this time.

                I also groomed this long coated shepherd... He was a horrible mess. I groomed him at one shop, and charged $85... he probably was worth about $130 or more... But the bosses didn't like to anger people.....

                He came in 2 years later to my new shop, and he hadn't been touched since the last time I groomed him... He took me 4 hours. And he was not a good dog. I charged $150. The guy flipped, and said the other place charged HALF of that, and that he would not be back...

                I didn't tell him that it was me the last time and that she should have been charged more... I was just happy to know that he wouldn't be back.


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                  I just had that happen to. I had a shih tzu mix that I groomed twice. The 1st time I left him a little longer #5/8 snap. Well the next time he came in he was matted and I called her to explain the Rusty coat was too matted to be brushed out (I tried but he wanted to take my hand off because it was uncomfortable for him) and I would have to do a "Do Over". She finally agreed to let me clip him down with a #4. He came out cute and I had to charge $5 extra for the extra time. She was pi$$ed that I would charge extra. No pleasing her.
                  Well a girl calls up 3 years later and wants to make an appointment for her boyfriends parents dog. She gives me her info after I asked if the dog has ever been here she replies "No". Well the name is sticking in my head so I go to my computer and their she is on my inactive list. I gave Rusty a longer cut and again he came out cute. I just called them for their 6 week reminder last week. Lets see if they come back after realizing I groomed their dog again.
                  I believe now that they are jumpers. Clients that aren't loyal to you and will just go anywhere and get their pet groomed.