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Photo's - nikon d90 users help

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  • Photo's - nikon d90 users help

    Ok, so I finally decided to take the plunge. My pet photos are selling like hotcakes! (Yippee!!) I put a digital photo frame up and add each dog pic after they are groomed, so that the client sees them when they come in. I have been drooling over the Nikon d90 and finally ordered it yesterday. It should be here next week. I want to order a book or two and wondered if any of you had suggestions.
    I was thinking of Nikon d90 for dummies (love those dummy books) or David bush d90 guide. Any other suggestions?
    This will be my first slr camera
    I took photography back in school, way before digital (yep I'm dating myself). I am going to enroll in some online photo classes. Anyone ever take any of these?
    Thanks gang

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    I haven't took the classes but I would like to, but I just got the camera for christmas and I love it, takes great pictures. My son plays basketball and it takes great action pictures. You will love it.


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      If you're into hanging out on the internet, join Flickr. It's an awesome website with lots of fabulous photographers, and people are really willing to help, even beginners. I've already learned so much. Just join some photography groups, especially dog photography and you'll learn a lot.



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        I own a nikon d90, it's a fabulous camera. I don't have any books on it, but this website helped me a lot.
        Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.


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          I've always liked the Magic Lantern Guide books. They cover a wide range of camera bodies, and they do have one for the Nikon D90.


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            You peeps are the best!
            Thanks for the info, very helpful
            My camera will arrive by next Wed. I can hardly wait! sooooooooo excited!


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              Just found a great site for learning digital photography. Do a search for HP Learning Center.
              Very informative and it's FREE! whoo hoo!!!