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  • Did you say that it was chunky or smooth

    peanut butter you had in your head???????

    Reason why I am leary of dependant on dog people as clients.

    1. granted customer has "issues" beyond normal pychological help. Her beloved schnauzer dies unexpectedly at 4 yrs old. Yes VERY SAD news. But to threaten suicide and bring that much more drama on your family! Fer cryin' in the sink!

    Unless it is a person who needs to be permanently committed to a psych ward, I find myself getting less and less tolerant for what I see as childish, self centered behavior.

    You either laugh it all off, or but for the Grace of God go I, I guess ......... ????

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    Ever consider purchasing a heart, M?


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      I think you do have a heart. Grief is a terrible thing, And to threaten to willingly bestow it upon other family members b/c you are feeling it is SELFISH!! Grow up lady.
      It sucks when we love someone (or dog/cat) sooo much and they die.

      I spend more time w/my dog than my husband or kids. My 11 1/2 yr mastiff is been my constant companion. Although she is completely healthy I have already taken her for the end of life planning with the vet. Now we have a plan if the end comes all of a sudden.

      I hope she doesn't get another dog


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        Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
        Ever consider purchasing a heart, M?
        Well stated.

        I enjoy both of your posts and don't want you to think this is an attack, but, I would like to mention that you two don't have any clue of that lady's circumstances. One reason a person might be that emotionally dependent on their dog is because she doesn't feel like her family (or anyone) loves her enough and does not know how to love herself. Loving oneself is something not everyone is taught as a younger person. Along with true compassion.
        "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
        People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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          Having a Heart is natural

          the problem arises when it supercedes common sense. This poor customer has emotional problems that are beyond a normal response too many things in life. As evidenced by threatening to kill herself and put her poor dear mother through Heaven knows how many more emotional roller coasters caring for this 45 yr old attention seeking immature woman.

          Having a heart means to prioritize your gifts for the good of HUMANITY. i.e. HAITI
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            Some people have different relationships with their pets than they do their family. I know when my son lost his cat he had had his entire life a few months ago, even at 18 yrs old he was reduced to a emotional wreck for weeks. It was truly even harder on him than when he lost his great-grandpa, which he was very close to, simply because the cat was his and only his, and she spent every waking hour with him and trying to please him and comforting him when he needed it.


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              Oh we know her circumstances

              this board imo is suppose to be let the steam off kind of place to go. I of course am exceedingly kind and caring for both my human clients and their pets. I welcome anyone to come and visit my shop and see. :-)

              My point is simply that in this business I find that you can categorize the type of clients you get. This 45 yr old woman does hold a full time job down, has shelter a brother and all the rest. She is an attractive girl and has a mother that does the world for her.

              I just don't believe it helpful to feed into hysterics. She literally went into hysterics on the phone with my poor groomer. I mean really??? When do you draw the line and buck up and stop placing such a burden on the rest of the world who does have a heart AND a life they are trying to keep together as well? 45 yrs not enough?

              If I didn't laugh it off, I'd be sucked right up into it. And unless someone has been to therapy with a TERRIBLE therapist, you soon figure out that the root of any person's problems (barring abject poverty or government oppression) is selfishness and self centeredness. Just can't be happy unless things are exactly the way you think they should be. None of us are just that important. Once this dawns on a person suddenly the depression and problems lift. And for all the other biologically rooted problems there is medicine.

              Willy nilly feeding into nonsense helps NO ONE! Least of all the person.

              This has been a LONG TERM customer that yes we KNOW and she will attempt to suck anyone into her drama always.

              Tongue in cheek is how you might want to read the posts. Baddog has never bothered me because it says right there in her about me bio ........ take nothing I say seriously.

              Trust me I would not be throwing this out there if this was a client who had NOTHING and NEEDED the crutch of her dog. To top it all off, she tells my groomer today that it WASN'T even her dog!!!! It was her BROTHER'S!!!! Now if you can't see the manipulative behavior this is and laugh, well then we got different senses of humor is all!


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                Don't fell bad BigM, I'm w/ you. While I can understand on one hand that this lady obviously has some mental incapacity and truly needs help for it, on the other hand I can still roll my eyes and say, get a life, an adult life. Me thinks she has used this ploy many times in her life for whatever reason and it has worked to her advantage. I too have a heart, but some people just really need a hard kick in the pants from reality.
                I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.


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                  Originally posted by BIG M View Post
                  And unless someone has been to therapy with a TERRIBLE therapist, you soon figure out that the root of any person's problems (barring abject poverty or government oppression) is selfishness and self centeredness.
                  I can't believe you just said that.

                  Stephen: Perhaps we should get back to grooming.