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  • Need advice asap!

    Does anyone know a fair rent to charge to rent a space in a salon if you are buying all your own products and paying insurance? Have working interview in a half hour and need some info on what is fair so when she tells me what she is going to charge I know if that is ok or to high or what! Also, would the owner still take a % of services??? Please help!

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    You need more information to make this decision. What kind of area is it? Are you supplying your own clientele? The best I can say is for right now get all the information from her, what does she supply, advertising, are you a sub or an employee? Generally, it's either a monthly rent charge or a percentage of gross, not both. But, it depends on the arrangement. Get the particulars, then we can talk more about the situation. There's no reason to give her an answer right now. Tell her you need to crunch the numbers, you'll earn nothing but respect for telling her that.


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      It will just depend on your area. I have 1 space renter. My general bills.... rent, electric,water etc. run me about 2,000 a month or a little more and I'm now charging my renter 500 for her spot which includes everything but shampoo basically. She pays nothing else. No % of income at all. I think the amount of money the owner would want to charge would depend on how much she herself is paying for expenses.