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  • My Next Dog....

    How many of you spend time thinking about your "next" dog and what it would be?

    My sweet, sweet, GSDmix is showing her age at 11 and while I know she'll be around a few more years with good vet care, I sometimes think about the "next dog" when she is gone. One thing I've decided is to "switch" out of shedding breeds. I love German Shedders (lol), but don't want to deal with that anymore. I also love their gentle personalities and watchdog characteristics since I live in the country on acreage.

    I'm seriously thinking about a standard poodle eventually. I know they are very bright and non-shedding of course, but I don't have much exposure to them and I wonder about their personality and watchdog characteristics? Do they have any? The ones I've been around don't seem to have much personality.... though they are very elegant, they seem reserved. I also wonder if they would be any good at all as a watchdog? I've never heard of them intimidating anyone. Sometimes it's a useful trait when you live in the country and strangers pull up your driveway.

    Anyway, I'd like your opinions. Thanks.
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    I think about that often...

    but usually end up adding a pup before it's time - that's how I ended up with 3 standard poodles and 2 giant schnauzers!

    Poodles are, IMO, what you raise them to be. My 8 year old was a rescue and is very passive and will bark at people as she hides behind me. She is not a diva, and prefers to be on the pontoon boat or jet ski. My 1 year old female is sweet and loving and is everyone's favorite. She will bark and let us know someone is there, but she's really saying, "Look, someone came to hold me!!!" She LOVES to be groomed and made pretty. My 15 month old male is the watch dog. He is my newest and is also a rescue. I co-own him with a client. He bit his foster dad when he moved to quickly towards his foster mom. Very protective, very vocal and very mouthy. We are working with a trainer now and hope to tame this down a bit. I really believe that if you want a standard, please research a good breeder and get a puppy. Raise her/him like you want him.

    I love my standards and HOPE I will always have one. As far as my giant schnauzers, I KNOW I will always have one. Also non-shedding and my perfect dog. They look mean, they sound mean, they are both protection trained, and they both believe that they are 5 lb shih tzus. I love my giants and know that as soon as my babies start showing their age (they are 2 1/2 now) I will be calling their breeder waiting for another puppy.

    Ok, I have rambled on too long, but remember that while breed has a little to do with the temperment of a dog, breeding and rearing of said puppy is much more important. Good luck and happy hunting.


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      I have to admit even though I just got a puppy and my other dog is still going strong, I ponder this ALL the time. Right now I am leaning towards a Golden Retriever or Australian Shepherd. I also want a Westie (most of the time but sometimes reconsider the Terrier terrors).


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        I have dreams of having lots of acreage and several Great Pyrenese to protect it. I'd never get them unless I had lots of land so they will probably never happen for me.


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          I'd get a Standard in a NY minute!

          When I was a kid my neighbors had two and they were excellent guard dogs. To the point that they had someone pinned down in the yard screaming for help! But as others have said, a dog is what you make of it. But my 2 cents is yeah, a standard poodle is a different creature than a smaller one, and yeah I'd get one. And it always helps to own a groomable dog to test stuff on...LOL.


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            Me too, of course I always get sad too, because the only way I am getting another dog is when one of mine passes, and really I hope that isn't too soon!
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              standard poodle

              have you ever a meet a dog that legally belongs to someone else, but you know in your heart and soul they are truely yours. the couple that own the building my shop is in have a standard poodle, Lacey. she comes to me once a month for grooming, no cash changes hands but I get a break in my rent. she also visits my home when they need a pet sitter. she runs in my door, so excited to see me, when they pick her up, she does not want to go and on occasion they have had to drag her out. I have told her 'mom' several times that I want her and if she ever cannot keep I will take her. I groomed her on christmas eve and drove her home. her mom had to hold her in when I left, and I almost cried when I seen her howling in the window as I backed out of the driveway.
              you asked about their personalities and such. I find they are very personable and animated, they are not aggressive but are fiercely loyal to the ones they love. they have a big dog growl and bark and as deterrent that is all you need. research breeders and rescue groups.


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                I love standards too. I say go for it! Just work with a breeder who is doing every possible genetic test,,and knows their line,as they are a breed plaqued with some serious issues. We have members who could steer you right. Scissorhands for one has great dogs. I dream of my next dog all the time too. Mary J. has been bred to a wondeful stud dog,and I'm already dreaming of that special pup that will steal my heart,even though she is only 2 weeks preggers! LOL
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                  I will always have at least one poodle: I currently have 3, hubby has 1. I will be adding another one in the spring.
                  I LOVE my poodles and can't imagine my life without one. Mousse is as dumb as a box of rocks, drags his feet as he walks and LOVES everybody. Scarlett can't get any more nervous of those she doesn't know and would much rather be playing in the mud. Emily is very diva dog though she hates being groomed; she pouts the entire time but once she's done....

                  I always think "my next dog will be....." when I'm in the middle of grooming one of them and have had enough of shaving a fidgety foot poodle but realistically I'll always have a poodle.
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                    Hubby knows our next will be a Cav.
                    I have a Standard Poodle (kind if, he has papers but he sheds everywhere and doesn't grow fur like a regular poo) and had one growing up. Both were/are EXCELLENT guard dogs when it came to me. Sully, who I have now will protect me and my son to the death, I have no doubt about that. He would probably do the same for my daughter. My husband he'd offer up as a sacrifice, no questions asked! LOL
                    As for being intimidated, I've had many people terrified of my dog Lady, the Border Collie mix in my avatar. SHe's all of 45 pounds and sweet as pie, but I've had people run the other way just because she barked!
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                      I just got one

                      My NEXT dog I mean. My little mutt was getting up in age ,14 I think. I decided to get a standard poodle. I don't know that I'll ever live without one from here on out. I actually want to get her a brother to play with. Her brother is still available and if I had the money I'd buy him in a heart beat but it's probably not a good idea.


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                        Originally posted by grooming goddess View Post
                        I have dreams of having lots of acreage and several Great Pyrenese to protect it. I'd never get them unless I had lots of land so they will probably never happen for me.
                        My friend that lives up the street has two pyrs in a small yard they walk them 1 or 2 times a day but they are very low key. not much energy


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                          my next dog

                          I think I would like to have pwd. I looked at them before I got my boston terrier, But then I read something about them being kinda dumb?? I live at the beach and have a boat so I thought having a water dog would be great. After further investigation they aren't so dumb. That I think will be my next, whenever some time soon maybe, if I find the right one. I have two bostons 8 and 9 and They are theeee best.


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                            Gosh I don't know. I love so many. I really want another SharPei but I also want a Giant Schnauzer but I've also entertained the idea of a Collie BUT I love my standards and can't imagine being without one on the other hand I just adore my Basset and wouldn't mind another one. Hard decision but if you ask my DH he says SharPei for sure and likes Giant Schnauzer,too. He's not really a Poodly guy although you'd never guess while they're laying all over him LOL.
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                              I love my dogs so much, but I think about it, too. All I know is 'something small' that doesn't shed : ) Probably a mini poodle or a poodle mix, rescued if at all possible.