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    At what age does a poodles hair start to get the really tight curls? I have a 6 months old puppy that comes in, and his owners asked when their puppys hair will look more like a poodle, his hair just has very loose curls.

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    It will vary by the dog, some start to get wiry around 6 months but could take up to a year. I have seen poodles 10 + yrs with straight silky hair.when mine became a year old I stripped him down with a #4 and his hair came back much nicer.


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      My Poodle is over 1.5 years and she still doesn't have a tightly curled coat.

      Poodles can have different types of coats. Some are thicker than others, and some are curlier than others. Right now at 6 months that's mostly puppy coat. When the puppy starts going though coat change at 8-12 months, he will grow in his adult coat. During the process he will have to be brushed thoroughly as they mat easily. But afterward he will have his full adult coat, and only then will you be able to tell exactly what his coat will be like.



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        i look forward to these answers....

        I have standards, but I have found that it depends breeding, food and grooming (when was 1st clip?). My female standard is 1 year old and I shaved her the 1st time at 4 months. Her curls are tight and soft. Her littermate, also female, didn't get her 1st clip until she was 9 months and hers is a little more coarse and not very tight. A client's poodle has never curled. She is frizzy and straight-ish as a 4 year old. I can't wait to see the responses from real poodle people.


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          Emily's coat is tight curls and thick,
          Mousse is thick and curly
          Scarlett's is silky and loose curls

          All three of them are 2 years old. Emily is also the most difficult one to keep maintained because of how thick and tight her coat is.
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            It really depends on each dogs breeding and coat will be mixed even within the same litter. Some poodles will have a soft coat, others will be harder with more guard hairs. The change from puppy hair to their adult coat on standard poodles is usually between 10 - 15 months old. Some poos go through the change gracefully, others will matt up overnight. Color will also have an effect on the coat. As a general rule, black, white, and browns will have more body in their coats. Red, Apricot and some Silvers will usually have the softer coats. In my over 40 years of poodle breeding and showing experience, I've never noticed when they have their first groom changing a coat. (although it does help a silver or blue clear out faster having a full body #10 clip when they're about 5-6 weeks old.)


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              The lady I work with who breeds toy poodles, always says that after shaving the coat it comes in a little more corse and the curls are tighter. There are times where she will shave down a show puppy because the hair just isn't coming in the way she wants. When it grows back it isn't the soft puppy hair anymore.


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                So I should be thinking about having him shave down short around a year old?