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Ideas to boost Winter Sales

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  • Ideas to boost Winter Sales

    So I am having a meeting with my boss tomorrow to talk about how we can increase our winter grooming. Jan/Feb are always bad but to be honest I really haven't been all of that busy since November.
    I have regulars and occasional new clients but it is nothing like the summer months ( which as I know from the past years is the norm)

    So I am looking for ideas to try and boost our grooming.
    We offer a variety of services and I am the only groomer. I just do hair cut dogs. No bath dogs. Bathe all of my own and groom all of my own.

    I was thinking maybe offering like a 10% off coupon with a daycare pass.
    We already have a customer loyalty system in place that works for the whole facility.
    But I just can't really think of what else.

    Any input would help!

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    If you want to do and add-on, make it something everyone wants but won't cost them alot, or if you plan to do it as a freebie, then make it cost effective for you; an up grade on a conditioner, a free tooth brushing, a spa facial, dremeling (if you do not already offer it). Make it something you can offer that won't cost you $$ or much extra time.

    The other thing that is nice for new clients is to call them the next day and ask how they like "Fluffy's" trim, etc. This impresses with your personal service!



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      now is the time...

      to BUILD your business. This is the time of year I start calling all of my clients I haven't seen in awhile and talk to the owner about scheduling apointments. I also don't offer discounts, but offer my favorite clients a "refer 4 get 1 free offer." Send me 4 friends and you will get a free groom. I have done this every year for the last 3 years and it works so well. Sometimes 'out of site, out of mind' is the reason people don't re-book. I also offer this option to the receptionists at vet clinics, shelters, and even the local rescues. We also take this time of year to groom for local rescues and do some pictures for their websites. Anything I can do to get our name out there. Also, my website has helped me so much. My hubby is a web designer (Web Wise Web Designs advertises here) and I get 3-4 new clients per week just from the site. (we do grooming, boarding and pet photography.)

      Hope this helps!
      Good luck!


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        I never offer discounts!!!

        Great advice.. If you are slow market yoursrlf. Spend time with the customers you do have, be interested in them, connect. Great customer service keeps them coming back and they will send you new ones. Go introduce yuorself around town with buisness cards. And clean, clean, clean and declutter. Have fun