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    OK, I understand the importance of water temp when it comes to a pets skin condition, but could someone explain to me the importance water temp makes with different products? I know on the Results Rinse bottle, I think for fluffing or handscissoring, can't remember which instruction it is for, but it says specifically to rinse with tepid water. I bought a conditioner for my own hair, it's made by Nexxus and is a 3 minute treatment. I was surprised when I saw it said to rinse with cool water, maybe it said tepid, but heck, in the shower I am not about to turn on cool water to rinse my hair! I didn't know how the temp of the water affected the way these types of products worked and was hoping someone might know and could explain.
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    when it comes to our hair products such as deep conditioning or slicking effects the cooler water will leave a silkier feeling to the touch but this is due to not all of the product being rinsed away.Human conditioners contain fat from that of an animal or plant and other oils hot water helps rinse this away by breaking it down.kinda like melting butter in a pan of hot stay solid in cool water