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Lisa Leady came to Nebraska!

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  • Lisa Leady came to Nebraska!

    WOOOOHOOO! I had the amazing Lisa all to myself all day Saturday! We did handstripping, prep work/blocking, and lots and lots of scissoring. Lisa let me borrow her own line of Kenchii shears, and oooooh my gosh, those things look and perform amazing! We worked all day Saturday at my shop, and we got so much done! I truly enjoyed every minute. Lisa is a very patient lady, and VERY good at explaining things. She is a wonderful teacher, and such a kind person. We had a total blast!

    We told the local newspaper that Lisa was coming, but they didn't appear interested. Then they came into my shop the day before yesterday (Tuesday) and interviewed me! Wrote a very nice piece that was printed on the front page. It's a very nice positive article, really shows how seriously I take my job, and how I'm working to educate myself as much as possible. There are a few inaccuracies about Groom Team (they do not sponsor the shows, and the team travels internationally every TWO years, not four) but honestly, those things make little difference to the public. Very good FREE advertising for my shop. Anyway, here it is:

    I've attatched two pictures we also printed in the paper, but were not displayed in the online article:
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    Oh wow! How lucky are you!! I would love to get a chance to work with her.


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      JACOB! What a great article and what great advertising for your shop! Isn't it exciiting seeing yourself in print. This was your first "class" with Lisa? She is awesome isn't she?
      don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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        OK now I'm jealous. That must have been fabulous! She's awesome.
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          Wow!! You lucky dog! Lisa is an awesome groomer and person to boot. Really great article, too.
          "In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."


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            Thats totally terrific! You lucky dog you. What great opportunity for your shop as well. Yep, I'm jealous and green with envy.....


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              Jacob that was a wonderful article on you. How great was it to be able to work iwth Lisa for aday. Congrats on winning the auction. I'm happy that you were able to work with someone of her caliber and talent. Mind you I have never met Lisa, but am a fan.

              When I was first starting out in poodles I had the oppurtunity to work for the best and most talented poodle handler in the late 70's. Never forgot what a thrill it was and how much in awe I was of her.


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                Absolutely outstanding, Jacob! I cant tell you how impressed I am that someone so young has had so much success in life already. Gives me hope for my own future - altho Im old enough to be yer gramma! (OK, your very young, sexy gramma, but yer gramma nonetheless). So, you were what? 15 when you started your own business?
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                  Awesome Jacob! I'm glad it turned out to be what you expected And more ...Maybe you should come down to APF and take those new skills for a test drive!


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                    You guys are so sweet!

                    Felicia-yup, first time!

                    Lori-yup, fifteen!

                    Lex-yup, see ya there!


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                      Awesome Jacob. We get to have her for A WHOLE WEEK in April, how awesome is that going to be.


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                        What an awesome experience! I am very happy for you (and jealous!!!) Way to go Jacob!


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                          You turd bird! You called me today and didn't say a WORD about this to me? I'm going to fly to Broken Bow and spank your fanny! Rude dog!

                          I'm so happy for you (jealous too), and I would love to be able to have that same opportunity!

                          Love the article, that is very cool!

                          Tammy in Utah
                          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                            I am so excited for you...

                            Oh my gosh what an opportunity! You must have been so nervous and excited...Congratulations on the win but mostly that you got to spend a day with Lisa!


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                              Good for you, good for her and good for you business. You are headed for nothing but great in this Grooming world, and also in life.

                              Congratulations on you win and the article.
                              Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.