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    I have a client taht wants me to let the head on her cocker to grow out. Not sure, but I think you call it a pompador?? Do you still shave 1/3 the ear or make it more like a puppy type face. Any pictures and or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    She is probably referring to the Cocker crown; this is actually the correct way to groom a Cocker head as it accentuates the domed skull..

    See the end of this video followed by the second video to see how it is done on a pet groom:

    Me grooming my handsome little guy Danny. In this Video I show you how to do the face and ears and I also begin to show you the cocker crown. I will show mor...

    This is just me showing how to trim the hair on a Cockers head called the Cocker Crown.


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      Ummm OK should never take a 7 blade backwards over eyes. Cockers do not have eyebrows......

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        I don't have any pics but my cocker is kept in full head and ears, meaning the top of the head has rarely even been touched. She's my hubby's cocker and he never wanted the top knot touched AT ALL. It looked cute on her, now she's so old not much looks cute on her anymore. I've tried the dropped ear on her but I like her better with the full head and full ears. She doesn't have the crown, just a full head of poof! But she's thin coated, white and buff. I have a few clients I do this with, some get the dropped ears, some don't, but they like a completely natural looking head and funny enough most are buff and white. One was chocolate.
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          OMG; that is like shaving over a poodle's eyes instead of scissoring a full rounded topknot.
          One of my pet peeves is nekkid cocker heads, and this cockatoo clip is almost as bad.


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            [QUOTE=Particentral;381114]Ummm OK should never take a 7 blade backwards over eyes. Cockers do not have eyebrows......

            Oh come on Deb..You do that all the time. JK I wouldn't go off that video at all. One of my biggest pet peeves is when groomers shave a cockers head. They look like seals. To get a really great crest you really need to thinning shear.
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              I agree with you all on the shaved head business, but every cocker I'v groomed in my shop has one with the exception of one. I pull out the books and try to get my clients to go with crown but they all say it grows out too fast and want it shaved. Sometimes you just don't have a choice in the matter.


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                All my cocker clients want their dogs head I do. I'm not even sure if I could leave the hair on the head anymore.
                I think in the last 16 yrs I've groomed I've had two (2) clients want it left. Maybe it's a Utah thing, don't know.
                Guess I won't do it as the video shows. I found going over the eyebrow a little strange, even not knowing how to do it.
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                  90% of our customers want the head shaved, which I always do with a #7 in reverse. The other 10% want a full crown left on the dog.

                  The only half-crown I've done in ages is one I did last week. The owners were placing the dog with new owners and brought the dog in to be tidied up a bit. They always had left a very full crown on the dog before but this time told me to spruce Jack up whatever way I thought best. So, for snickers and grins, I put a half-crown on him.

                  I have no problem with shaving over the top lids of the dog to keep the hair under control. Matter of fact, I have done so on both Poodles and Shih Tzus at the request of the owners.


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                    IF you do the crown correctly it lays flat and does not fall forward even if it grows out. My clients, all but one that is, get a crown.

                    I have used a snap on , as discussed in my blog, but I try to card and thinning shear them. Kermits is handstripped in fact. I have been working hard on it for the next show. It lays so pretty.

                    The over the eys thing....YES you take a ten blade an SKIM over the eye if there is a lot of heavy hair to open up the expression, but not like that. You simply skim over the top of the brow ridge then blend into the crown.

                    It is hard to do one correctly on some dogs. I have a few that have wrinkles like mad on their heads and that makes it harder, but it can still be done.
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                      don't dis me

                      I oops shaved my cocker dogs head with a 15 with - second haircut and she is a wild child. (My husbands dog and he was not happy with me...I didn't get a tip on that groom!) Now I am letting it grow out. She looked so cute with no hair up there... but here in AZ most cockers are shaved 10 with on the head and back. Even in winter. Though a handful have some hair...I question the owners about what they'd prefer. If given a chance I do a half plus ...1/3 down on ears. It is stylish and the dog can still see.


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                        I don't ask, I leave the short well blended crown on all of my cocker grooms. Just enough to create the roundness of the scull. I don't think I had any body object yet.
                        The head on the video does not look right, it is not blended well at all.


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                          Originally posted by lexapurple View Post
                          The head on the video does not look right, it is not blended well at all.
                          Thats what I thought too but it shows the basic idea. The eyebrows were overdone, imo.

                          Personally I use a 5 reverse on the muzzle because it creates a plush look.


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                            If any of my customers that PAYS for THEIR dog requests a style that does not hurt the dog, or compromise my ethics, I do my best to accomplish their request, if I want to keep the customer. I mostly operate visually with the doggie present and owner to determine if I can do my best to try. Owner leaves and I bathe, dry and then I can determine how the ears should be done. I have a client that I only use thinning shears on shaggy crown that blends into ears. No shaving 1/3 of ear! I do shave the inside with a #15. Owner LOVES this look! I say to them.... Glad to be able to provide the style YOU like! Sorry I don't have any pic's. Good Luck!


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                              Frankly, our most popular style for a Cocker is a #7 strip. We also have some that get stripped with a #9. They get reverse #7 on the heads and the ears vary between being shaved with the body blade or gone over with a #4. We have about a half-dozen that get something resembling a traditional Cocker trim and they all have full crowns by request of the owner.

                              What it boils down to is what the owner wants done with the dog and the "golden rule" - he who has the gold makes the rules.

                              If the owner wants something unique done on the dog and pay me to do it, whatever they want is "correct". I don't argue with them on it.

                              Such as leaving the beards on Cocker Spaniels. Most of the Cockers in traditional trims have long beards on them. We just tidy them up a little.

                              We also have one Cocker that comes in with a long beard, long ears and the body is shaved down with a #10. Go figure.

                              The owners think the whiskers are cute. Who am I to say otherwise?