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    To entice my groomer to want to improve her grooming skills?

    I hired this young girl right out of Grooming school in Oct of 2008, she has improved some with her grooming but does not seem to have the drive to improve on her own. I have to push her and keep checking her work as she will do fairly good for a while then get lazy and put whatever out and it drives me crazy. Mostly because when I try to show her how to improve on her finish work she doesn't act interested and just thinks I am a perfectionist and there is no need to improve. She never gets upset with me to my face but I can feel the tension.

    I want her to be interested in going to the Trade shows and grooming seminars with me but she never has the money. So this year if I can I am willing to pay her way. I just got my catalog from APF and I am going to ask her to look at the classes and mark the ones she interested in, just to see if she will take and interest in going to the classes.

    I feel she would have the ability to be a really good groomer but has no drive. Is it wrong to push her into going to a grooming seminar?

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    If you are going to pay for everything, then it is not wrong to force her to go to a seminar. Some people just do not have the drive to be the best, it just isn't there. Mediocre is ok for them. You can't train the want to do better into someone, it is either there or it isn't.
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      You can't make someone WANT to do better. They have to want it for themselves and unfortunately, IMO, it would be a waste of YOUR money to pay her way to a show. No ammount of encouragement or instruction is going to help someone that doesnt' want help. It's been over a year and she's at a dead end in respect to her willingness to learn more. This can probably attributed to the fact that she's (more than likely) unhappy in what she's doing OR she doesn't feel she NEEDS further education. She has no PASSION for grooming


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        That is indeed a frustrating predicament. Maybe the trade show involvement will light a fire under her butt, then again, maybe she really only thinks of grooming as a "job". If thats the case I don't think anything will help.
        " You can lead a horse to water but can't force it to drink"
        Good luck.


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          You can lead a horse to water, but.....

          Jeez...when I think of how many on here would do backflips to have the opportunity of having you mentor AND employ them AND encourage/support their continued education...

          Anyway....sure, invest in one grooming seminar for her. Maybe she'll get bit by the bug?
          Unfortunately my gut tells is what it is, and what "it is" sounds tiresome for you (to be doublechecking her work) and just kind of ho-hum for her.

          I would continue to keep an ear to the ground for a groomer that exhibits a real passion for the "job".

          Would it help if you just screamed at her..."DO YOU KNOW WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY I'M PROVIDING YOU WITH, DO YA"?????

          (PS Canine Crazy...Great minds!)
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            I just purchased the entire set of Jodi Murphy's DVD''s for the shop.

            As a former instructor at a grooming school, I always encouraged students to continue their knowledge by attending trade shows and seminars. Also to join I told them there is much to still learn after they leave school and not to think their education is finished.



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              I think the drive to do better, in life, comes from within. You can only hope for the best but sometimes people who are pushed, push back, and it's not always intentional but more a sub conscience rebellion. She knows what you're trying to do and if she doesn't want to play, then you can't make her. Besides, how long do you want to baby sit this person? You know how difficult it is sometimes to motivate, even the most motivated person, in this business, or in any! I'm a perfect example of this, I strive to be the best I can be, in everything, and sometimes after 20 years of doing this, I just don't want to, today, tomorrow I'll be different. Do you really want to push this person for ever? We all know, it takes more than potential skill, it takes the want to. You can tell her that "you're a GOOD groomer, not great, not excellent, not professional, but with my guidance, you could excel into a professional, top notch groomer, if you want to. I'm here to help you get there because I believe in you, you need to believe in yourself too. Even after all these years of grooming I'm still learning new creative stuff!" This way she doesn't take offence to things. It's worth a try, I guess.


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                I wish I worked for you! I have the opposite problem, the lady I work for has been grooming a LONG time. Her idea of a groom is to shave them down, spray some colonge on them and slap a bandanna around their neck. She dosen't even own thinning shears or curved shears. Mean while I'm over in the corner, trying to improve my skills by myself. Most everything I have learned since finishing school has been from you guys here on this board! Maybe taking her to APF will motivate her,,, or what Canine said. It kinda reminds me of Ron White's saying: You can't fix stupid,,,lmao


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                  Heck, my daughter WOULD just about kill to be in that situation! Her employer inherited the business and couldn't care less about any improvements-only cares if a lot of dogs come through. Her manager is RubyRoo's doppelganger-"Her idea of a groom is to shave them down, spray some colonge on them and slap a bandanna around their neck".
                  Hopefully your employee will wake up soon!


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                    Offering vs Pushing

                    There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist, that shows you are continually striving to be at your best. Anything less than trying to do your best job possible is totally unacceptable IMO. However, those are my principals and not everyone has the same principals, that's what makes us individuals.

                    If your employee doesn't have the drive, fortitude, the "want to", desire or ambition to groom to your standards, then don't waste your time, energy or $$ on someone that does not understand or appreciate your efforts in wanting to help her to become the best that she can be. It sounds like she is satisfied with her performance and has no desire to improve.

                    There are those of us that can't afford to go to grooming school to receive the needed to become a groomer, much less find someone like you who is willing to go that extra mile and teach the methods needed to be successful in this field. I guess with age, you learn to appreciate when someone wants to lend a hand (their skills) to help you become the best you can.

                    If the desire for improvement isn't there, then nothing you can say or do will help her. I would make the "offer" to her, but certainly wouldn't "push" her into accepting the offer. She has to have the desire herself.


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                      A couple of things that “popped out” while reading your post
                      1). You are working/talking to a “head horse”…..she doesn’t care
                      2). She is REPRESENTING your salon, your salon is only as good as the WEAKEST link (that’s her)
                      3). Groomers would be lined up to work for you
                      4). Start advertising for another groomer then say to her… Bye-Bye !!

                      Happy “cleaning house” !!

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                        Not at all miss Saundra I think you are spot on. She needs to understand how serious this job really is and how important quality is to you. Plus if it's in her she will be inspired by the semis and competition and if she's not interested maybe this isn't for her. Even though you might want to avoid that reality it would be much better for you to find out now rather than later.


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                          A very wise woman once said "There is no teaching. Only learning. If no one learns, the teacher hasn't taught a thing."

                          I think this is exactly the situation you find yourself in. You have an individual who isn't interested in learning, so no one is going to be able to teach her a thing.

                          Sure, you might insist she attend a seminar or two. But what good will that do? If she isn't willing to learn, no one is going to teach her anything, and you'd be wasting your money.

                          You could, if you're so inclined, demote her to bather, with the stipulation that if she shows a willingness to further her education as a groomer, and is willing to show improvements, you'll reconsider her position. Otherwise, she can consider herself a bather/prepper, and you'll look for another groomer who IS interested in further education and improvement.

                          Put the ball in her hands, and see if she runs with it. Or kick her off the team.


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                            All I can say is I Wish Wish Wish I worked for you. I pay my own way to go to show and seminars just to learn more =(
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                              If she doesn't have "want to"

                              Yup, I'm with most of the others - you cannot MAKE or GIVE someone the DESIRE to be better, the "want to" to learn and improve. The employee you have is not motivated from within and does not care enough to bother. Don't waste the trade show money on her, you will be disappointed. If she can't see from what YOU do and be inspired, what good will the trade show do??

                              Look for someone with the "want to" is my advice.