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I might get into school!

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  • I might get into school!

    So I tried student financing to get into a grooming school, and I don't qualify since I have not been in the province for a year yet (I moved here in August). So I phoned around and found out I might qualify for a grant! Which is even better since I wouldn't have to pay it back.

    Now I just need to see about getting my assessment test results for the admission requirements, and if not then I have to go for my GED. I think Im going to go for the GED anyhow, but at the moment I can't quite afford it.

    So I have an appointment on the 20th to see about the grant. Wish me luck! (pray if you're so inclined, I could really use the extra support

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    GOOD LUCK...I have everything crossed for you.


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      You are defintely determined, keep working on all of this! Get the GED, you will never regret the effort you make to finish it. Plus, you will find that as times get more difficult having finished the testing will look better on you resume'. You will know what hard work means and be ready for anything!

      Hopefully the grant will happen. You sound so anxious and READY to get started! I will pray for your success.