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  • Just have to share

    I have a client who has been a regular for 3 years now. I gave up large dogs in 2009, but kept about 5 because they are excellent dogs, don't break my back and I adore the owners. This particular client has a Goldendoodle Andre'. She brings him every 6 weeks and he is a great dog to groom. AND.... she likes him to look like a poodle, believe it or not. lol She tips good too, and that's always a plus. So...... Andre' was on my list of keepers when I made the decision to give up all but a few large dogs.

    I watched the news today, in shock over the devastation in Haiti. And then I grabbed our local paper and of course, there was a story about it right on the front page. The story was about 6 women who are in Haiti right now on a medical mission for an orphanage. I didn't think much about it, since I know Central Christian Church goes to Haiti quite often (pastor adopted 2 kids from there) but then I read the names of the 6 women. And lo and behold, my client is one of them.

    She is ok, as well as the other 5 women. Miraculously, according to my local paper, they were in the only building in that area that didn't collapse. Everything around them is in ruins.

    I just felt like telling somebody

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    That is amazing they must have an angel watching out for them


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      That is an amazing twist of fate. It was your customers lucky day.


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        Nice to hear something positive out of the wreck down there. Thanks for sharing.