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tell me I am not crazy,what would u do? *not grooming related* (per say)

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  • tell me I am not crazy,what would u do? *not grooming related* (per say)

    Ok. I don't want to tell my friends about this and this is not grooming related. But, it's been weighing on my mind and I need to know if I am crazy. So, heres the story. Every morning for several weeks now I have been passing (in my car on the road, duh) this adorably attractive guy on my way to the shop almost every morning (sometimes on the way home in the evening too depending on what time I get off). Every time we pass he stares at me like I am a freak or something. Like a deer in headlights. I have tried to wave at him once a few weeks ago. But I am not sure he seen me. But, he has never waved at me. He turns his head to stare at me as I pass occasionally. But mostly he stares at me right in the eyes. I remeber seeing him one other time or 2 quite a while back at like a gas station and he stared then too. And I think I seen him reading meters on my street a few years ago for the power company and he glared at me. Anyways, I have never been one to leave well enough alone. So, yesterday morning I seen him coming quite a ways off and so I whipped off the side of the road and sat there. And when he came by I flashed my lights at him.Hoping he would pull in and say hello. But, he slowed a little and about broke his neck looking at me. His eyes were as big as saucers and he drove on by kinda slow like. LOL!! He probly didn't know what to do. He probly thinks I am a nut now. Or he snubbed me? What do I do? I very rarely in my life have ever had someone catch my attention. Should I go on and say fate will happen if it's meant to be? Mabey he just looks at everone and has never really noticed me at all? HELP!! I didn't pass him today. Mabey he's off today, or he's avoiding me! lol.

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    I wouldn't pull off the road again why put your self in a possiable dangerous situation for all you know that guy could be a nut.Maybe you remind him of someone he knows.Better safe than sorry


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      I would be freaked out if that happened to me, and avoid the guy like the plague. I don't care if he was the most gorgeous man on the planet, I'd be freaked out by his behavior. I say run.
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        I agree with Happy Trails. You don't know a thing about this guy, and he sorta sounds like he could be stalking you. I'd find a different way to go to work for a while.

        I'd also suggest you stop at your local library and get "Obsession" by John Douglas. Read it and you'll understand why I'd be really leary of this guy.


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          Be careful. He sounds kinda strange.


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            The guy sounds like a whacko to me. I would be freaked out. If he were interested in you in a normal friendly kind of way he would have at least waved at you. You best leave well enough alone. I have a brother-in-law in law enforcement, I would jot down the plate # and have him run a check on the guy. I don't know if you can have that done legally or not, but it might be something to check into.

            Stay away from him!



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              You sound very young and naive. How old are you if you don't mind me asking? You certainly don't have to answer that.

              As a mother of an almost teenager (she will be 12 on Wednsday) your post made my hair stand up. Go the other way whenever you see him. Do NOT make eye contact w/him and definately do NOT try to confront him again (especially if you are by yourself).

              It is hard to imagine good looking people as bad guys but they certainly can be. In fact, they did a study on this not to long ago and it was found that good looking people get away w/crime a lot more easily than not-so-good-looking people. If you change your route and you still notice him around then I would start noting down the times and places and consider talking to the cops. He could very well be stalking you and while that may sound romantically dangerous to a younger girl it can be deadly. BE CAREFUL!!
              SheilaB from SC


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                well, Im one to take chances...I would stop and have a conversation with him...jus dont give him any info lol there was this guy I kept seeing at the minit mart..every evening...then at another one on one morning. He always pulled in after me, and parked right beside my car! he was a biker babe! one night he was in the store with a muscle shirt on, and I thought "man, what a babe! whooohooo so, I saw him again at a different store, he was always buying lottery tickets!! I thought this was too ironic, 4 times in 4 days! and i've never seen him there before! so, one particular am, I went into the store, turned around and he was right behind me!!!! I was like yikes! well, I said, gee I see you everywhere I go!!!!! he just looked at me surprised, and didn't say anything....and I've never seen him since!!! WHA WHA LOL!!!! so, its probably nothing,,,sad in this case cause I do believe I would've gone ridin with him!!!! so, just trust your instincts...they're usually right.


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                  He "glared" at you, his eyes were "as big as saucers," or "Deer in the headlights," and then you add that he never waved, and that he nearly broke his neck looking at you---but no smile?

                  I am not one to say much in the way of bad language, but, WHAT THE H_LL is wrong with you, girl?! This is not someone you want to meet! Men you want to meet (usually) will have a smile on their face, no glares, stares, saucer eyes, no freak-show stuff going on. And don't throw that "Ted Bundy was normal looking" jive at me, I'm just talking about the average joe---they should smile or look normal!

                  Stay the heck away from him and don't give him ANY eye contact, for your own safety?

                  Are you a jerk magnet? If you are, this could be why!!!

                  Tammy in Utah
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                    thanks guys...

                    I really don't think this guy is stalking me. I really think we just pass on coincidence on our way to work. I think he works at the state park a few miles on out past my house. We are both 30-35 yrs old, so were not teenagers anymore. lol. I appreciate everyones helping me. I hope he doesn't think I am stalking him! lol. Oh well, I haven't passed him again yet. Probly be Tuesday morning. I have to go in early Monday. So if he still does not wave or anything on Tuesday then I will not think a thing about it again. My opinion is that he probly might think I am attractive but he might be married or something and will not cross that line. THankx guys.....
                    oh well, it does make getting up in the morning a little perkier for me! lol.


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                      Obsessed much?? I'm not saying that in a mean way but it sounds like you have a big infatuation going on here. I don't know about going out of your way to try to get his attention, that might lead to a bad spot. that could just be his demeanor, looking at people intensly in the eyes could be just something he does. He might take it the wrong way and think you're just looking for some "fun". Because how many girls seek out some guy that they don't even know and want to meet him just because he's cute and looks you in the eye? Guys will take things the wrong way because well...he's a guy! I would be very careful, you don't want to attract the wrong attention to yourself.


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                        I agree with you groomin! My thoughts were he probably does think you're attractive, but hes probably married and tryn to behave himself! You gave him the perfect chance to talk and he kept on going! so, that tells me ,no hes not a stalker or a freakazoid! hes probably taken, but flattered nevertheless! It probably pumps his ego too! so...nothing wrong with a lil am fun! just smile and the world smiles with you right? lol


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                          I'm sorry, I agree with everything that has been said EXCEPT for hairdevil (sorry girl). He freaks me out, and you being 30 something should know better than trying to get him to pull over and talk to you. Don't you have any idea what could happen to ya?!!!! It's just tooooooo freaky. Stay far away from him.
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                            very scarey

                            Wow, read the papers, watch the news, get real. Sounds like you are the one who is infactuated with him, after all you can remember all the times he looked at you so you must have been looking at him too. I think you have mistaken "deer in the headlight eyes" with something that is good. He sounds like a freak to me and by the way, based on your recollection of events it is you who is interested, not him.

                            There has to be something less dangerous you could look forward in the a.m.???


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                              Seriously folks, "Obsession" by John Douglas should be required reading for every woman in the world. Anyone with children should read it.

                              John Douglas is the legendary FBI profiler and founder of the FBI investigative support unit that sends profilers to assist local law enforcement in identifying and capturing some of the most dangerous criminals in the country.

                              In "Obsession" he not only delves into the psyche of killers, rapists and stalkers AND their victims, he tells you how to fight back. How to avoid becoming a victim, how to protect your children from becoming victims, and how to survive an attack, if survival is at all possible.

                              We live in a dangerous world, and we could all use some pro-active techniques to avoid becoming statistics.