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    what is the cholesteral?!?! i think thats what i have heard it called that people put on like the westie heads to get them to poof out??

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    cholesteral Like Queen helen??
    I think that would weigh down a westie head. Got to have good hair to get the poof, however some moose and Chris Christensen volumizer really does the trick.
    I love a big round head.


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      Kolestrol is used to help bind the chalk to the hair, adding body and stiffness to the head.


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        I used to use the panacea brand cholesterol. Think of it as mouse. It gives texture but also conditions. It takes very little. We used to put a blob of it in a spray bottle then fill it up with water. It worked as an anti static as well as conditioner and all around texturizer.


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          I have no idea what it is but I see it used all the time at the shows. It's a jar of cream and usually I see someone take a dab, then rub it between their palms and then rub those palms along the legs of for instance a Springer. Then they brush on chalk, brushing it up. Sits a bit then fluffing excess chalk out (brush or dryer). Makes it look like more bone. Personally I think why not breed more bone.
          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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            Cholesterol is wonderful stuff!

            You will find that Cholesterol is wonderful stuff for bodifying the coat, it does create a bond so that the chalk will stick as stated above, and it also creates a barrier so that the chalk doesn't damage the coat shaft as well, as chalk is very drying to the coat. With westie heads, you need only to dab a bit into your palm and rub it round to warm it up a little, this helps the spread of the product.....Then you run it between your fingers and run your fingers through the head coat. From the root to tip......Try it! You will love it for all chalk/bodifying purposes. Kim West NCMG


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              When I was showing poodles I used it along with Vit E to keep my show coats(between shows) in condition. Especially, the mane and neck hair. I usually left it in until the next bath.